Flaherty: Yoon forced out of Boston by Menino minions

The Dig interviews Michael Flaherty on his bid to get back on the City Council and asks him if he stays in touch with the latter half of Floon, now down in DC. He does:

[H]e definitely misses Boston, and quite frankly wishes that he never had to move, but after having run for mayor I think that there was a tremendous amount of pressure, and he was having difficulty finding a job because the administration seemed to be going out of their way to prevent that from happening.



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carpet bagger

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Sam Yoon was a carpet bagger looking for a strong Asian community from which to launch a political career. He raised money all over the country for his council and mayoral runs. He came from somewhere else, landed here for a few years and then packed his bags for greener pastures in DC.

might want to get your facts straight.

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Spent two years out of college teaching math in Trenton, then came to Boston for a degree from the Kennedy school. Then worked as a community organizer and a couple of NPO/community organizations, then ran and served two terms on the Boston city council.

Even if he'd only been mayor for one or two terms, he would have been the most qualified mayor we've seen in decades...and anything that breaks the empty-spoon Menino administration would be very welcome.

Yeah, you are a much better

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Yeah, you are a much better person because you were born stupid and unmotivated, so you did poorly in high school because you drank all the time and had no meaningful support from your parents, which led to your current life of doing "real work" at a factory, hating your life, and driving used cars until you die. You are a true American. No wonder the country is going to shit.

teaching isn't a real job?

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I'm pretty sure teaching isn't just a real job, but one of the most challenging and honorable jobs there is.

How about working as director at two different NPOs?

It doesn't excuse Menino's underhanded practices

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Yoon may have not been a "local" Bostonian, but that doesn't mean that work should have been that difficult for him to find a job post election season. This has been a typical practice w/this administration and one of the many reasons I wanted to see Menino gone.

Also, how many years does it take to be a local exactly? He lived here for 6 years, got his council position on his first try. Unfortunately, the run for mayor with this dug-in of an incumbent who has too much clout, may have been too much for Yoon and Flaherty.


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Why is it the responsibility of Menino to employ Yoon? If you don't want to work in the free market and prefer government/patronage jobs, I have little sympathy for your complaints when you have difficulty getting a job from your opponents.

He words seem to be implying

He words seem to be implying that Menino is actively blocking ANY job. Not just government jobs. You don't think community oriented jobs are not affected by government just because they are private?

Yes, that was my point

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Thank you for clarifying that for me. The ironic thing is when Yoon was running, one of his points was how Menino has underhandedly blocked other former government workers from finding positions if they ever had irked or opposed him. Sadly he experienced the very same thing after his election big went down.


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I still can't too worked up about people who get kicked off of the grand merry go-round of various semi-public government related jobs. So many of these semi-governmental organizations seems very inbred with the same cast of characters getting involved in different groups. That's no doubt how the JPNDC Whole Foods committee includes a guy from Roxbury who has no claim to being impacted by the issue as a local.

Boston City Council potential candidates as of Thursday 12 May

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Boston City Council potential candidates as of Thursday 12 May 2011
Updates available by email john.donovan at cityofboston.gov

SEPTEMBER 27, 2011

Deshon Porter 39 Boylston Street Boston, Ma 02116
William B Feegbeh 251 Cambridge Street Allston, Ma 02134 857-237-6649
John R Connolly 12 Shaw Street West Roxbury, Ma 02132 617-635-3115 617-447-1302
Felix G Arroyo 93 Wachusett Street Jamaica Plain, Ma 02130 617-635-4205
Robert R. Frasca 440 Hanover Street Boston, Ma 02113 617-227-1533
Kenneth P Jervis 14 Burrill Place South Boston, Ma 02127 617-480-1123
Ayanna S. Pressley 1910 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester Ma 02124 617-635-4217
Will Dorcena 63 Gordon Avenue Hyde Park, Ma 02136 617-899-4076
Stephen J Murphy 141 Warren Avenue Hyde Park, Ma 02136 617-635-4376
Kevin R McCrea 218 West Springfield Street Boston, Ma 02118 617-267-2453
Abdillahi Mash Abdirahman 14 Guild Street Roxbury, Ma 02119 617-438-9087
Sean H Ryan 264 Lamartine Street Jamaica Plain, Ma 02130 617-504-3133
Thomas J Dooley III 112 Pinckney Street Boston, Ma 02114 617-529-8860
Michael F Flaherty 1726 Columbia Road South Boston, Ma 02127 617-269-4673

SEPTEMBER 27, 2011

Robert R. Frasca 440 Hanover Street Boston, Ma 02113 617-227-1533
Salvatore LaMattina 76 Montmorenci Avenue East Boston, Ma 02128 617-635-3200

Suzanne Lee 1 Nassau Street Boston, Ma 02111 617-566-9992 617-935-1211
Bill Linehan 128 G Street South Boston, Ma 02127 617-635-3203 617-224-6911

Doug Bennett 714 Adams Street Dorchester, Ma 02122 617-963-4213 `
Martin J Hogan 491 Ashmont Street Dorchester, Ma 02122 617-297-5771 `617-203-1791
Marydith E Tuitt 127 Fairmount Street Dorchester, Ma 02124 617-719-6813
John K O’Toole 114 Minot Street Dorchester, Ma 02122 617-201-7866 `617-287-9398
Robert P McDonagh 35 Auriga Street Dorchester, Ma 02122 617-839-9817
Henry C Paquin 26 Taft Street Dorchester, Ma 02125 617-792-3823
Doug Hurley 15 Penhallow Street Dorchester, Ma 02124 617-922-1990
Sean Weir 32 Myrtlebank Avenue Dorchester, Ma 02124 617-710-1110
Michael P Christopher 43 Grampian Way Dorchester, Ma 02125 617-825-5238
Craig M Galvin 23 Cheverus Road Dorchester, Ma 02124 617-436-2000
Leonard M Lee 11 Mather Street Dorchester, Ma 02124 617-204-2832
Stephanie L Everett 197 Manchester Street Mattapan, Ma 02126 617-834-8688
Frank Baker 43 Grampian Way Dorchester, Ma 02125 617-288-9061 617-947-9515

Joseph A Jones Jr. 76 Bernard Street Dorchester, Ma 02124 617-785-9166
Charles Calvin Yancey 3 Hooper Street Dorchester, Ma 02124 617-635-3131
J R Rucker 103 Tonawanda Street Dorchester, Ma 02124 617-436-0815

SEPTEMBER 27, 2011

Rob Consalvo 18A Chittick Road Hyde Park, Ma 02136 617-361-5733 617-828-0129

Matt O’Malley 226 Jamaicaway Jamaica Plain, Ma 02130 617-935-9752 617-635-4220

Althea Garrison 98 Howard Avenue Dorchester, Ma 02125 617-407-7661
Tito Jackson 37 Schuyler Street Dorchester, Ma 02121 617-442-2837 617-635-3510
David James Wyatt 62 Weaver Court Roxbury, Ma 02119 617-442-4191 617-492-3076
Roy Owens 6 Woodville Street Roxbury, Ma 02119 617-541-4335
Sheneal Parker 30 Symphony Road Boston, Ma 02115 781-473-0640
Haywood Fennell Sr. 1850 Washington Street Boston, Ma 02118
Kevin A Dwire 25 Hawthorne St Roxbury, Ma 02119 617-680-0085
Lee Buckley 840 A Shawmut Avenue Roxbury, Ma 02119 617-320-9396
Paul A Dobson 70 Saint James Street Roxbury, Ma 02119 857-991-0942

Michael P Ross 214 Parker Hill Avenue Roxbury, Ma 02120 617-635-4225 617-708-0202

Mark S Ciommo 10 Oliva Road Brighton, Ma 02135 617-789-4693 617-635-3113
William Paul Latulippe 3 Lawrence Place Brighton, Ma 02135 617-783-3702

district nine

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Good to see Will running for Council in his neck of the city.

Best of Luck.

Oh yeah!

I still have signatures to gather, but I'm glad to have my name out there!

if you're not organized

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if you're not organized enough to collect enough signatures to get on the ballot, why do you think voters will take you seriously as a candidate?

Everyone Knows That's True

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And Sam was hardly the first. Menino assumed office banning all alumni of the Kevin White administration. After a few terms hiz honor had screwed up enough that he needed a fixer or two. Most recently Peter Meade was brought in to direct the BRA and deal neighborhood by neighborhood with that agency's betrayals of residents in favor of developers. Meade must've invested with Bernie Madoff and let it ride too long. Why else would you take on this embarassing mission?