Reprieve for Borders Books in Downtown Crossing?

It looks like Borders has cancelled its plan to close Downtown Crossing and 50 other stores, in preparation for selling the entire chain to the highest bidder next month. The salesperson who answered the phone yesterday at Downtown Crossing says that liquidation won't start on July 1 as previously announced.

Maybe we'll be lucky and the buyer will keep it open. Meanwhile, if you have a Borders gift card or any loyalty points, you should spend them immediately.



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Membership Card

I was going to buy Borders months ago, but they didn't have their membership card and refused all entreaties to buy one.

Good info.

I do have a Borders card and I guess I should use whatever points I have very soon. Thanks.

Another tenant already lined up??

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When the initial announcement about this store's closing was made a couple of weeks ago, I thought I read somewhere that the landlord had already signed a deal with an office tenant -- an accountant, if I recall correctly -- who wanted to rent the upper level of the store. If this is true, it would require the existing Borders store to downsize considerably if it wishes to stay in that building.

Of course, there's another big retail space up the street that's still vacant, and I think its upper level is still available. Used to be a bookstore, too.

Borders Downtown Upper-Level

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One of the salespeople @ Borders told me several weeks ago that Borders plan was to close the upper level even if they were able to work out a lease. That was the condition that broke the deal and supposedly was forcing the downtown store to close.

lease issues

Whatever might be happening with the other 49 stores, from what an employee at the dtx store said this issue is that the landlord won't renew their lease. So we might be out of luck either way. There was an article (i think on that a company was looking at the property for use as a high-end movie theater with dinner and comfy seats.

I really hope . . .

. . . That the Washington/school street Borders stays open or continues on in some form as a book/music/movie/coffee store because it really is the center of that area. but since getting a Kindle- I can't remember the last time I bought a book there- and it can't live on coffee sales. Not sure it's feasible any longer.