Angry Red Line Chick apologizes, admits she was drunk, but says the guy was a jerk

Channel 4 tracks down and interviews the woman with fists of fury at Park Street.



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She wants to give him a big wet kiss after she alleges he touched her before the video started? That is odd to me. If I'm the guy in the video, this isn't an apology as much as its an accusation of sexual assault.

Eh, not really.

She admits she overreacted and was drunk. It was probably just a brush or bump. She never said he groped her.

That said, if I'm reading this right, the guy didn't want to press charges, and now he DOES? Kind of a dick move if you ask me.

I'm wondering if the change

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I'm wondering if the change of heart occurred after she decided the best defense was a good offense. A case of, "Fine, I was going to let it go, but if you're going to go public and tell everyone I was the instigator and had it coming, we'll do this the hard way."

I can think of two reasons

Either it's because of her spectacularly Limbaughian apology - "unfortunate things were done, and I'm sorry, but he sexually molested me and abused my dog" or it's because she threatened to give him a wet kiss next time she sees him and he's afraid of getting the clap.

yeah, actually, she does

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"She never said he groped her"

She pretty plainly accuses him of feeling up her leg and attacking her dog.

Which, oddly, none of the passengers seem to have noticed, said anything about, or remembered.

But hey, boo hoo, the MAN is taking her home and she lost her job because of the MAN and she doesn't have two nickels to rub together but she had the money to go into Boston and get drunk off her ass.

That's why it is OK to beat a random male stranger on the train. MALE AGGRESSION! RAWR! FIGHT THE MALE HEGEMONY! FIGHT MALE PRIVILEGE!

You should read what she's saying on the youtube page.

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She's left a steady diet of comments on youtube that indicate the guy inappropriately touched her.

Of course it's probably a lie, but she's hinting at more than just a bump or inadvertent/unintentional contact.


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If he had touched her inappropriately, then why didn't she say anything about it during her long drunken rant? It was all about his shoe touching her dog, not "keep your hand off my leg!"

Maybe because she's making it up now that she's a pariah?

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I think her story is bullshit. But what other options does she have - she's clearly not into the whole personal responsibility thing. She's a homeless 24 year old (who has enough money to travel to Boston and get faced) who is apparently dating a guy in prison and who's been arrested for beating people up before. My guess is she doesn't traffic in accountability.


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Amazing, it was the chick acting like an animal that day, not her pit bull.

No need to bring the innocent

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No need to bring the innocent dog into this. Considering you don't see it in the video in which she was assaulting someone, I would say it's a pretty well behaved dog. If I started attacking someone my dog would be right by my side.

Yes indeed

The bitch seems to have behaved herself very well. Here's hoping they find her a good home while her owner is in prison.

That dog is a saint

Many dogs - and it has nothing to do with the breed - would have gotten involved if their person was battling somebody.

I hope that dog eventually receives a much more responsible person. She deserves a stable home.

snookie-sized muzzle?

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pit bulls/american standard terriers are among the most mistunderstood but also sweetest most loyal domesticated animals.

in reporting that salem snookie muzzled her dog for safety of others the MSM again did a disservice to the breed.
true they are required to be muzzled by boston statute but not because they are vicious or uncontrollable.

there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. and salem snookie actually might be one of the more responsible ones--true she took her dog on a drinking binge to downtown but at least it was muzzled and in control.

wonder if they make a snookie-sized muzzle?

She has a Twitter account

in case anybody wants to communicate with her. And unlike Facebook, it's still active. She also has a YouTube video, performing a bit of Janis Joplin.


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Looks like she'd been performing a bit of Janis Joplin before she got on the train that night, too.

She's also mouthing off on YouTube

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She originally commented on the video only hours after it was first released. But she since deleted that YouTube account. She signed up for a new one and has been posting on it again for the past day or so (at first in the third person, but later in the first person).

She may also have an aliased Facebook page as a number of people who seem to have friended her on Facebook have posted that she was somewhat bragging about being the girl in the video over the weekend (after her original Facebook profile was removed).

"male aggression"?

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"he had to take his male aggression out on my dog?"

Wow, let's not be misandric or anything...

She is acting like nobody was there until the camera rolled

If you wade back to what the person who took the video had to say about why he started recording, it sounds as if the incident started with the sort of incidental contact one would expect to happen on the train. You ride the T, people will bump into you. You bring a dog on in a crowded situation, it might get bumped or stepped on. (the main reason I used to take my toddlers on in a backpack).

According to this witness, she then harangued the guy for several minutes. When she started in with the threats, the guy who took the video got the camera going.

That person is what is called a witness, of which it sounds like there were many on the train.

I have something in my eye

This whole thread makes me nostalgic for my youth, but I'm just glad that youtube and camera phones weren't around for any of my punk-rock, tough-guy wannabe, occasionally homeless friends on the North Shore "back in the day".

For those who don't know -

For those who don't know - she's done this before. No one throws punches like that the first time. It's something that has to be learned through practice. And being drunk has nothing to do with it, she didn't just throw punches, she was both direct and knew to follow up immediately. It's called punches in bunches, and that's what they teach at the gym and on the street.

In any case, it's pretty obvious that there's more going on here than substance abuse. You don't need to be board certified to call the diagnosis and be in the right ballpark.

NON SEQUITUR 1: an inference

1: an inference that does not follow from the premises; specifically a fallacy resulting from a simple conversion of a universal affirmative proposition or from the transposition of a condition and its consequent

2: a statement (as a response) that does not follow logically from or is not clearly related to anything previously said

This disgrace of a human being...

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has obvious signs of psychosis which is currently being medicated with alcohol and, most likely, drugs. She will always be a drag on society. Therapy will only allay her issues.