Citizen complaint of the day: Have our raccoons mated with honey badgers?


A helpless citizen reports from Roxbury:

Raccoon gang of 4 or 5, seem unafraid of humans. Raccoon don't care, it just does what it wants. Not sure what, if anything, City can do.



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    Hate to get all Ron Paul on ya but....

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    Why is this the citiy's responsibility? I have raccoon, deer, coyotes, frogs, turtles, mosquitos, etc all over my property from time to time. To this day I have avoided involving government at any level to remediate ant perceived problem. You want he raccoons gone? Call a private company to deal with it.


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    Cuz it's city property? A pest company can't go around spraying city streets.


    Just what do you spray for raccoons, pray tell?

    Axe for Racoons

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    These are a bunch of adolescents, no doubt recently kicked out of the den by their mama. A band of brothers and sisters, they are used to foraging together and won't split up until fall.

    Maybe spray some cheap beer and Axe for Raccoons to get them to go into the woods again?


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    Our urban fauna

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    I was concerned, not about the creatures' mere existence near my abode, but by their lack of concern about the proximity of humans. I am, of course, aware that urban wildlife does not generally evince the same wariness as do their wild brethren, but these young individuals were so blasé as to raise the spectre of rabies in my mind.

    Or maybe nastyass honey raccoons just don't give a shit.

    Raccoons are normally blase

    Raccoons are normally blase if not aggressive. They have no particular reason to be afraid of humans, and many reasons to be drawn to humans.

    Until this disturbing gang of raccoons starts gambling or drinking (or especially dancing) without a permit, the authorities will have no reason to be interested.

    When you see them making zip-guns, it's time to call Officer Krupke.

    'cause we got trouble...

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    You must realize, their knickerbockers were rebuckled below the knee.
    There were nicotine stains on their index fingers. Dime novels hidden in the corncrib.
    They were starting to memorize jokes from Cap'n Billy's Whizbang.
    Certain words were creeping into their conversation. Words like... swell.
    And... 'so's your old man'.

    One of my favorite South End

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    One of my favorite South End memories happened walking home late one night on Chandler Street. A large raccoon was leaning with it's back up against a neighbor's stone steps, ass on the brick sidewalk, holding a packet of Burger King onion rings in one paw while casually fishing them out and eating them one-by-one with the other paw. As we walked by it watched us with a vaguely annoyed look, not pausing it's dining, as if our checking out it's après bar snack was somewhat impolite. A most urbane, and very Bostonian, creature indeed.

    (No, we couldn't tell if it was using ketchup or the safety-orange "cheese sauce product" condiment.)

    I walked

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    into a gang eating corn on the cob in the garbage once. They looked at me, then lazily trotted away.

    Coons typically aren't aggressive unless they feel threatened. Otherwise they're pretty laid back and even curious.

    Get in line...

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    First they need to do something about the skunks in Eastie. Walking home on trash night feels like some sort of video game where every third bag of trash you pass on the sidewalk has a fuzzy little head sticking out of it. They're pretty chill around people, but I'm getting worried that I spook one of them unintentionally and end up with something worse on me than a blast of Axe.


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    Oh, we had a skunk living under the porch next door for a while. Skunks, raccoons, possums, squirrels, turkeys, coyotes...all in the middle of Roxbury.

    Kaz - 1, Racoons - 0

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    My neighbors used to collect piles of junk (I assume for resale). One night, I was awoken by the sounds of stuff being rummaged through. It was a pair of raccoons looking through the pots in one of the piles. I pulled out my old Super Soaker CPS 2000 (fires 1L of water in about 5s over 50'). I had to refill it 2x, but they took the hint and moved on and I never heard from them again.

    Coot -1, Coons 0

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    Get off my lawn!

    Cayenne repels raccoons

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    ...Among other animals. Boil some water with lots and lots of cayenne pepper and spray the area with it. They don't like it..