Even Jamaica Plain has Republicans

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports.

JPGOP Facebook page.



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    Well duh. Who do you think

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    Well duh. Who do you think was pushign for the Whole Foods?


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    People that aren't crazy?


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    Look at the site. It's a regurgitation of every mindless talking point there is.

    Example: Making millionaires investment income taxable at the same rate of normal income (which itself is stepped) is apparently just like taking 100% of their income away from them because communism and glen beck automatically becomes President.

    Just another bunch of no tax / no gov nut jobs repeating marching orders.

    Just another liberal calling the opposition crazy

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    That's right, keep repeating to yourself: "Anyone who disagrees with my political viewpoint is a mentally ill fascist".
    It takes a lot of courage to have a real conversation.

    Most of the folks I know who

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    Most of the folks I know who wanted WHole Foods were good Democrats. Takes all kinds.

    lonely club

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    Wow - I don't think I've ever seen a facebook page that has no "likes", comments or "shares" before.

    How shocking that JP would

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    How shocking that JP would have and celebrate political diversity!

    "The audience of 15"

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    Did they even have to rent a room, or did they just show up at Doyle's and wait a few minutes for waitresses to push the tables together?

    There are trivia teams at Doyle's bigger than the JPGOP.