So what's the ideal Back Bay restaurant at which to break up with your mistress?

Local man seeks advice:

If one were to look for a quiet restaurant at which to break up with a woman whom one has been seeing for a while, and one is married, where might one go? Yes, yes, bad, bad. Back Bay preferred, as is someplace VERY private, quiet, out of the way, yet public enough in case things get "messy."

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    Burger King Copley Square

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    Easy access to public transportation, cabs, or the MassPike, and bright enough you will be able to see the massive flaws of each other in your eyes, scumbag.

    Right On, But In All Fairness...

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    ... the person who asked for the info claims it is not for personal use, but rather for someone else to use.

    (Whatever the case, I wouldn't expect it to turn out as cleanly as the person would hope. If we hear of an assault in a Back Bay restaurant sometime in the next couple of weeks, we might know why.)


    You want to bring her out in public NOW?

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    How about the lounge at the Marriott? It's tucked away in a corner (mostly) hidden from view and you can dump her there.

    However, and I speak as a woman who made a horrible lapse in judgement once, why do you think you should do it in public? Call her up and tell her whatever lie you'd spin if you were at a bar or a restaurant.

    Then brace yourself.

    basic safety

    Perhaps she has a violent streak, or has made threats against him in the past, such that he fears what might happen if he confronts her with this news in private.

    Yes, he's being a heel by cheating, but it's possible to not want to make things any worse than they have to be by being so tacky as to break up with her by telephone, or email, or other impersonal means.

    Paging Paul Simon: 50 places to leave your lover

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    Via Twitter, may take a couple seconds to pop up:

    Fire and Ice

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    Because then she'll never want to go out with him again anyway.


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    The bar at the Liberty Hotel! That's where all the masters of the universe shop for gumars.

    I'd stay away

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    From any Teppanyaki places. Too many accessible knives and that hot grill close by.


    he should have considered that in the first place


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    He should stop lying to his wife about his mistress and vica versa.

    I had a friend who was in this situation - she found out because the wife of the man who she thought was single came and took her to dinner and let her know that the rat bastard had lied to her. That part, at least, was civil enough that my friend dumped his ass hard and told him to go fuck himself when he tried lying to her more (and then told the wife that he had stopped by ...). The wife then divorced his ass and he came 'round again. Sorry again, asshole!


    Yeah, because you can instantly size up whether someone has a violent streak immediately, right when you start dating them. Based on that logic, that should mean domestic violence will never happen, right?