Hey Hub kids, there's school tomorrow

Boston Public Schools will be open tomorrow, the city announced. In contrast, Newton, Somerville, Chelsea and Revere will be closed.

The MBTA, meanwhile, announced it expects to run normal subway and trolley service tomorrow, except between Reservoir and Riverside, where buses will be swapped in. On commuter rail, downed trees will mean no service on the Providence/Stoughton line past Mansfield. Other lines will run, but likely with delays.



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Who does the MBTA think they

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Who does the MBTA think they are kidding? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, you can't get fooled again!

At the rate rain is falling

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At the rate rain is falling and I'm hearing downed trees over the scanner there is no way in Hell the MBTA is going to have anything resembling normal service by the start of morning rush hour tomorrow.

How will high school students get to school?

From the @mbtagm:

Customers are encouraged to leave add'l time for their commutes tomorrow and expect delays due to storm.


So what about all those high school students who rely on the MBTA to get to and from school?

Why not wait until the early morning to decide if schools should be opened?


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We are obviously going to be late so why go? And in the freaking conditions outside. I am not trying to get a tree to fall on me walking to school. F*** highschool. Rather be safe than sorry.

This morning at Forest Hills

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The 39 bus was operating normally. The kidlet, who rides it to school, though, was not thrilled, fulminating about how Boston is the only place in the entire county that has school today. And yes, the kidlet is possibly the only person in her school that can name all the communities in the county.

Real homework

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Get ur backside to school all whiners and stop the crabbing!

I didn't think the UH allowed whiners to post, but then again ----

Do your homework and find out that many communities are goin' to school today. Too bad.

Whiners need to be in school for a reality check on life.