It's official: Summer is over in Boston

Swan Boats on their way out

Workers were busy today putting disassembled Swan Boats on a flatbed truck for the trip to wherever it is they store them for the winter.



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swan boat storage

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they used to store them in a backyard in brighton. not sure anymore. one night in my teens a friend and i and some budweiser almost did something terrible. then we realized that the boats were pretty important and we should just go home and play video games.

Brighton Confirmed

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It used to Brighton. I spent a few early weekend spring afternoons painting them before they hit the water. Thanks for not touching them and letting them be.

A backyard in Brighton?

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It's amazing that they stored these historic things in a random backyard in Brighton, where, as per post above, they were vulnerable to damage or vandalism.

Brighton is Big Enough

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And they were in locked garages which did not have signs that said "Swan Boats in Winter Storage Here".

Now it's a backyard in JP

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My friend lives on the street behind there. They take up the whole backyard of the house, it's odd.

So the college kids

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Can now smoke their weed, and the homeless can sleep, with a little more privacy in the public garden?