Mission Hill pro tip: If you take your shorts off to evade police, take your wallet out first

Boston Police report arresting a local college lad for indecent exposure thanks to his wallet, which they found in the pair of shorts he took off when he found running away from officers with them hanging around his knees interfered with his stride.

Police say officers on routine patrol found the guy on the front stairs of 1564 Tremont St. early Sunday, answering nature's call:

Given the suspect's refusal or inability to locate a proper urinal, officers stopped and approached the suspect. Upon seeing the approaching officers, the suspect took off running and a foot pursuit ensued. While chasing behind the suspect, officers observed the suspect trip over his own shorts several times as his shorts repeatedly fell below his waist. During the foot pursuit, officers lost sight of the suspect, but in short time, gained a visual on what appeared to be the suspect's shorts. Upon searching the pockets of the abandoned shorts, officers were able retrieve the suspect's wallet which, not surprisingly, contained several forms of identification bearing the suspect's name and home address.

He was not at home when officers knocked at his door, but he was found not long after on Parker Hill Avenue, police say.



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Do guys think it's cool to pee on the front steps? Everyone knows that back alleys and dumpsters are fair game...

Indecent Exposure? You know what THAT means.

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If he's convicted, he will be considered a sex offender in many locales.

If the allegations are true, I'd argue that he should have found a more secluded spot if he absolutely, positively had to go right that second and couldn't find a legit toilet. But it's completely insane to charge someone like this with a crime that may essentially end any hope of him ever being a productive member of society.

Imagine every future potential employer and neighbor: "So... you're a registered sex offender convicted of indecent exposure and resisting arrest?"

"No! Well yes... But it's not like that! I just got caught peeing on a building in the middle of the night!"

"Suuuurrre. Stay away from me and my kids. Got it?!"

Given the lifelong implications of getting caught, I don't blame him for running. I don't blame him one bit.

And in case you're wondering, laws like this hit the homeless pretty hard. Try getting assistance once you're a sex offender for not using the toilet you don't have.

Hes probably only facing

Hes probably only facing charges because he ran. From my experiences (both living in the same general area as where this happened, and listening to my police scanners), cops come across this sort of thing all the time, they usually stop the guy, run his name to make sure hes not wanted, call him a knucklehead (or other choice words) and send him on his way.

Theyre not out there to arrest people left and right for peeing, but they arent going to look the other way, so to speak, when the come across it. And if you run, you are asking for trouble, theyll think youve done something more serious and chase you down, and then you cant expect any less than charges that can apply to what you were caught doing. In the end I think the lesson is dont run from the cops, eventually they will find you, and youll end up with at least no worse charges than you were originally facing, if not several more.

While that's true he's

While that's true he's probably getting the worst because he ran, it doesn't negate the level of possible punishment. Arborway still has a point. Your argument that the increase of charges is a stupidity tax(and likely drunken stupidity), it doesn't increase his guilt enough for me to not feel sympathetic. The punishment has to fit the crime and being equated to be a sex offender is not even close to a fit punishment.

I'm not a fan of public urination. I get terribly annoyed over the years (I'm not too far off from my undergrad years), I don't see why being 21 means every guy have to do that - especially if we just left the *&(&*()(%^ apartment. Of course, I'm even less pleased for peeing at the stairs rather than a tree. But none of that means he should be on that list - to be associated to equal sin as someone who raped a child.

In short, Arborway's argument still stands. Such an act as urination and running away is a crime and he deserves punishment, but the I do not see any fairness for what I see is basically lifetime ruination.

I wish the legislature would

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I wish the legislature would either create a separate low-penalty crime for peeing where you're not supposed to (and clarify where exactly that is), or declare it legal.

IMO it's not indecent exposure if you're facing a wall or some bushes, and it's not lewd if you're not deriving sexual pleasure from the act.

There is a crime for that.

It's called disorderly conduct.

Indecent exposure is when you expose your self in a place where people can see you. Pissing facing a building or a tree is never indecent exposure. Pissing off a roof isn't always indecent exposure either. Pissing facing the street with your penis haning out is indecent exposure.

All indecent exposure crimes also require a victim. Someone actually has to see the exposed body part and be "offended".

It should also be pointed out that people charged with crimes like this never end up as sex offenders. I've never seen it anyway.

I've seen plenty of news

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I've seen plenty of news articles where people are charged with lewd and lascivious behavior because they were urinating in public facing a wall.

Usually the only person "offended" was the cop.

Impossible in MA

according to the statute. And I've never seen one go anywhere in court either. Don't believe anything you read on the news son.


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Find a tree, alley,not someone's stairs. That said, when you gotta go,you gotta go. His mistake was running. The cops would have let him go with a verbal warning. Now he's got a situation on his hands.

BTW: The 'exposure' part may also have to do with his shorts falling down. Although it's technically not a crime to be in public wearing only your underwear as long as your genitals aren't exposed. But, if you're walking around in public in your draws and causing a 'public disturbance' i.e. attracting a lot of attention, causing a 'scene', then you could be arrested.

The latest in fashion

It's so considerate of hoodlum tastemakers to popularize pants and shorts worn under the bum. It helps the police enormously. Here's hoping next year's thug fashion trend includes shiny ankle bracelets joined with a decorative chain.


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Also thank you for marking yourself with identifiable tattoos.

I witnessed this whole thing

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I witnessed this whole thing unfold, It was pure hilarious entertainment. Seeing 12 cops chasing after a drunk dude with no pants made my night even better than it already was. What was crazy was the police brutality I witnessed in the aftermath of this chase. All in all it was just your typical night on the hill.