Natick amped for electric-car dealership

The MetroWest Daily News reports Natick selectmen approved a plan by Tesla Motors to open its first Massachusetts showroom for its battery-powered cars at the Natick Mall. Company officials said they chose Natick because its residents are particularly discerning - and have lots of disposable cash.



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Good news for Boston

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Tesla's line has been doing much better than Fisker's from what I've seen, and I wouldn't be too surprised to start seeing the Model X around here next year. Having the nearest service center being in NYC was definitely a problem - while Tesla will drive out to your location for free to do service updates and handle other smaller issues, there's an extra cost for going more than I think 75 miles from the service center itself.

I like the look of the gullwing SUV. I can see it fitting in with a lot of the suburbanites around here. I'd like to see it take off.

Business-friendly policies

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Natick courts businesses, bringing customers, jobs, and tax revenue to that area. This, in turn, helps funds schools and services that are important quality-of-life factors for lower-income households.

Compare that with Jamaica Plain's own JPNC.

I'll bet you can't wait until

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I'll bet you can't wait until Natick opens that blacksmith store, so that you won't have to grind your axe all the time.

maybe now we will start to

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maybe now we will start to see people using the charging stations they put in at city hall


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"they chose Natick because its residents are particularly discenerning"

Shocking mistake

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Clearly, I am no Natick resident, or I would have never let that through. Fixed now.


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That no one has yet taken on Adam's current pun request.


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Sorry...I used up all my electricity jokes on the NStar story last week, and I'm only capable of making 10 electricity puns in one trip without a recharge.