Patrick says he'll veto 'Stand Your Ground' bill if it gets to him

Associated Press reports.



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Get Him OUT!

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I hate Deval Patrick lets get him up out of there!


Maybe you should start a recall election drive then, instead of trolling a blog.

But be warned that that's actual work. Lots of actual work.

I agree. Its extraordinarily

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I agree. Its extraordinarily racist to assume that the person attacking the "victim" who is standing his or her ground would be a minority.

Are his bodyguards exempt

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If the governor doesn't support this then why is he surrounded by bodyguards armed to the teeth. Are they exempt from prosecution if they have to defend him.

I'm pretty sure the poster

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I'm pretty sure the poster was just pointing out the irony of the Governor telling people they can't stand their ground and defend their property while at the same time he is protected by Troopers with guns.

Hmm. Not sure what you mean

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Hmm. Not sure what you mean by "defend their property." Do you mean defend their home? Because the "castle doctrine" is already well enshrined in our legal system; a civilian has some liberty to use deadly force against an intruder in her home (or car, or workplace, depending on the state).

As I understand it, "stand your ground" laws don't have anything to do with that. They backpedal the legal concept known as "duty to retreat," meaning a civilian's first responsibility in any potentially violent confrontation outside of her home (or car, workplace, etc) is to try to avoid it. The basis for that concept (which descends from English Common Law) is the assumption that police officers (including the Governor's guard) are trained to use force safely and appropriately, whereas civilians are might not be. Therefore, force should only be used by civilians as a matter of last resort, with the exception of situations covered by the castle doctrine.

I'm not arguing for or against "stand your ground," I'm just saying that the OP's comparison between people like George Zimmerman and Patrick's security detail is inapt in this context, and I fail to see the irony.


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If you abandon something the first time a bad mistake occurs, then why didn't you get rid of all MBTA drivers the first time they got into a bad accident?

Just sayin'

Was this the first time?

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The reason we know about it is that people made a stink. The police were content to sweep it all under the rug.

How many more cases have their been like this? Just saying.

Thank you

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Whoever recommended me, and hence got what I was saying.

To abandon something because a single bad mistake occurred is akin to discarding your car the first time the engine has problems. It's a complete, partisan, political decision that disregards all else. A simple knee-jerk reaction.

Not a single bad mistake.

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Not a single bad mistake. Florida's justifiable homicide rate increased dramatically after the passage of the Make My Day Law.

Open Season for Gang Bangers and Bad Neighbors

Can you just imagine how mobsters and gang bangers could use this?

Seriously - he was a "member of that family" or "member of that gang" and they hate us, so of course I opened fire on sight! He would have killed me first! Or "he yelled at me because I parked my car out front and I was afraid ..."

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Just wondering, how many gang

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Just wondering, how many gang bangers are licensed to carry? I think this bill would exclude any unlicensed firearms.

Apparently there was a case

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Apparently there was a case down in Florida where two gangs were beefing and accidentally shot a bystander and they got off on the Stand Your Ground law.

We should

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Support this bill. As a gun owner i have every right to protect myself and my property.

Yes you DO have that right

It already exists. No one is saying you should let the scary black men into your house to beat and rob you while you, the poor law-abiding citizen, must sit there and take it.

See what I did there? I took your point and ran to the most extreme option available to prove a point, with sarcasm. Hope it helps clarify how ridiculous your post is and how little it adds to the debate.

No you don't

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As a gun owner, you should consider yourself lucky to even be allowed to own that death machine! The police will do all the defending you ever need, just call them. Your property is replaceable; get some homeowner's insurance. I hear Obama is going to outlaw handguns as soon as he's reelected anyways, so enjoy it while it lasts, but you won't need this law soon anyways!!

There. I gave you what you were looking for. Do you feel better now?

Relatively Quick Police Response

This isn't like Rural Oklahoma, where the 911 dispatcher has to hang on the line for 30 minutes with an armed teen mom dealing with an armed home invasion because the police just can't seem to get there quickly.

Oh, and the armed teen mom also barricaded the door with a sofa and waited for the guy to actually enter the home through the barricade and come at her. Even in MA that would be considered pretty reasonable.