Report: O'Bryant headmaster withdraws from running for Memphis job after news surfaces of domestic-assault charge

UPDATE: The Globe reports Peterson has resigned his O'Bryant position.

Rodney Peterson, co-headmaster of the John D. O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science, was a finalist to become principal of a Memphis middle school, but withdrew his name after a Memphis TV station reported he was on probation on a domestic-violence charge in Boston.

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office confirmed this morning that Peterson was charged with one count of domestic assault and battery in Dorchester District Court on June 20 of last year and that he admitted to facts sufficient for a finding of guilty on Aug. 18. His case was continued for a probationary period of one year, during which he must complete a certified batterer's intervention program, the DA's office says.

Like School Superintendent Carol Johnson, Peterson started in the Memphis school system. He was serving as assistant principal in a Memphis high school when Johnson appointed him him headmaster of Odyssey High School in South Boston in 2009. When the school department shut Odyssey last year, Johnson named him co-headmaster of the O'Bryant, one of the city's three exam schools.

According to WHBQ, Peterson's wife is a former Memphis TV anchorwoman, who moved to Boston to be with her husband.



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Hard to believe

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I know he is a great principal at the exam school. I still believe he is because he's working his best to improve our school. His words are powerful that it had motivated many students at O'Bryant to achieve their goals and to go beyond that then getting good grades. He's the principle that can interact with kids and helping them when the students needed it. Reading this is hard to believe. What ever happens, he is still a great principal.

kinda makes you wonder

if this kind of guy is running one of the three exam schools, how much due diligence was done before hiring the less visible people in the trenches? Or does being a protege of the Superintendant confer diplomatic immunity? What does it say about the fortress mentality of the BPS that nobody dropped a dime to the Herald or Globe? Good on you, UH.

Google "Dee Griffin Peterson"

good example of why we should keep our private lives private. Wedding video, "the man of my dreams", pontificating online about relationship building, a schadenfreude bonanza. I give the Herald one, maybe two days before they start working this.

You're right about keeping

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You're right about keeping private lives private. Obviously, this woman thought she had a good man and was happy about marrying him. A lot of people are forced to learn similarly hard lessons. He seems genuine in the video. I'm sure she didn't know his true character until after the "I do." Much like the students at his school, she probably thought he was a great man and role model.

If by doing a great job you

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If by doing a great job you mean collecting a paycheck and never showing up to work....? He was absent for more than half of the school year and students barely knew who he was. The truth is he was a smooth talker who had no commitment to the community and did absolutely nothing for the school. BTW paying two principals to run a school is a fantastic use of tax payer money.

Who stupid enough like the

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Who stupid enough like the co-headmaster of the John O'bryant have asault and battery charges like for real . I personally think that co-headmaster should not on be suspended off the job I think hes to violent so therefore no kid should be around him so its to the piont he should be released from bps and get fired and if hes lucky enough start to find another job!!!

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Like your comment

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Like your comment "unintelectual" instead of unintellectual and terribly vs. terrible