Voyage of the damned on the Worcester Line

Desperate riders on the 5:35 p.m. train to Worcester were left wondering what they did to deserve the hell they found themselves in as they sat motionless on the tracks in Newton for more than an hour as inbound trains kept passing them.

At 7:08, the appropriately named Disgruntled Rider reported the train was still sitting in Newton - more than an hour after the train would normally be pulling into Natick.

A few minutes later, he added:

Was just told that we are now waiting for a third train to pass us. The train guy had to tell us in person... Because the PA doesn't work.

Some of the delay is due to flooding in Natick. But, Dave reports, a crazy guy who threatened suicide jumped off the train in West Newton.

An exasperated rider, Rob, sighed:

At least he got off the train. We're still stuck. If I threaten to jump can I at least get off too?

Finally, at 7:29, he tweeted the train had started moving and was now in Wellesley, 110 minutes after it left South Station.

He added:

That's 3 inbound trains U let by while we sat 4 an hour. Do you hate me? Did I ever kick your puppy? Seriously, what'd I do 2 U?



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Matthew, you have a point here ;)) Natick station really look like that shot from anime :D

Trains in, trains out

As the rest of us trying to go outbound(towards Framingham/Worcester) in the morning have experienced frequently - the MBCR puts priority on trains going in one direction depending on the time of day.

For the morning commute, all inbound trains get priority. Which means if they're running late, trains going outbound have to wait for them so the more important inbound commuters can get to work. (screw the rest of us going west)

For the evening commute, all outbound trains get priority.
So if you're trying to come back into town, during rush hour times, you watch trains pass going West. And if there's a train full of whiney sports fans trying to get to a game, they're pissity b/c they don't get to drink expensive beer yet.

It's awesome, right?

Except this was the opposite

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He was waiting on an outbound train as three inbound ones went by.

I don't know what happened here, but the stations along the pike need to be upgraded to two platforms. Which is supposed to happen sometime in the next few years...

Somehow we're not on the same track

Yes, he was on the train watching trains pass him by with little obvious reason as to the validity of it.

Just like what happens to daily commuters going the opposite direction several times a week.


Just a little, 'feel free to share our weekly misery for a mere moment' situation.

Those stations were built on

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Those stations were built on the cheap, since the Commuter Rail was on the decline after the construction of the Mass Pike and the start of express bus service.

However, Commuter Rail ridership and service frequencies have surged since then.

Any upgrades to those stations would require elevators for wheelchair access, so it won't be a cheap or quick project.

I agree with Matt, but it was Sox vs White Sox too

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I think they only prioritized the inbound crowd because of the game last night. Sure the outbounders are suppose to have priority in getting out, but they can't risk lost beer and junk food revenue for Fenway when a game is on.

You're darned right

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Mr. Conductor makes danged sure the trains run on time on the Island of Sodor.