We're losing our sheriff

CabralThe Globe reports Gov. Patrick plans to make Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral his new public safety secretary.

And that means he gets to choose a new sheriff to fill in for Cabral until a special election in 2014.

Hmm, you think Steve Murphy will try for the soon-to-be-vacant post?

Jane Swift appointed Cabral sheriff in 2002 after she agreed to turn Republican. Six months later, though, she became a Democrat again.



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Why would Cabral want this?

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Gov. Patrick has only two years remaining in his term and has already said he won't be running again. The Sheriff's job is a 6 year term and few Sheriff's are ever voted out. Makes me wonder why Cabral would leave Sheriff, where she is her own boss, for something that may only last two years at best.


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She's been sheriff for a long time; maybe she's done all she wants to do or has had enough running a couple of jails that the risk is worth it.

My opinion

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I think regardless of whether it's a 2 year post or longer it's still a pretty impressive thing to have on a resume. That being said look at her resume. prosecutor for the DA's office. Twice elected Sheriff and now head secretary of public safety. On paper that is impressive. I imagine she has more things she'd like to do with her career.

I'd agree with that.

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I'd agree with that. According to Wikipedia, she's only 52 or 53 years old. There's still time for further advancement. With her background (legal, public safety, and all) she could be an attractive appointment for Washington at some point.

pension boost?

Many people change jobs like this for pension boost reasons. I'm just speculating here though.

As sheriff she runs a few

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As sheriff she runs a few jails.  As secretary she oversees 10,000 employees and a wide portfolio of agencies incl state police, fire marshal, and the much  bigger dept. of corrections. It's a step up any way you look at it.  

Are you sure it would be for the full unexpired term?

When Middlesex County lots its sheriff to a suicide, the temporary appointment lasted only until the next state election (last month), which elected the sheriff for the remainder of the term.

The Globe article you linked to says "Patrick will appoint a replacement as sheriff, a coveted post with a six-year term, until a special election in 2014."

Cabral was elected outright

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Cabral was elected outright in 2004 and re-elected in 2010.

If Murphy is appointed Sheriff, old friend Michael Flaherty is back on the Council by way of his 5th place finish for at-large in 2011.

My Favorite Part

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Jane Swift appointed Cabral sheriff in 2002 after she agreed to turn Republican. Six months later, though, she became a Democrat again.

In other words, one of two things...

1 - She cares not a whit for party labels. She is independent. She saw an opportunity for performance of public service and decided that what affiliation she had to affix to her name wasn't as important as the good she could accomplish.


2 - She is willing to sell her soul to the highest bidder.

Not for me to say which it is, but it's certainly one of them.