Woman stumbles off platform onto Red Line tracks

The T forwards this video of the woman who fell onto the tracks at Broadway on Saturday afternoon, causing delays on northbound trains. According to a Transit Police report:

I interviewed a witness, who stated that prior to the incident, he observed her standing on the platform and "nodding." While "nodding", she moved closer and closer to the pit. He believed that she was going to fall into the pit and moved towards her in an attempted to grab a hold of her, but he did not get to her in time. He stated she fell into the pit, and landed with her right hip on the first rail. He then immediately entered the pit to assist her. I also spoke to two other witnesses on scene. Both stated that prior to the incident, she appeared to be stumbling around the platform. She moved closer to the yellow line, then fell into the pit.

The 29-year-old woman was conscious but "lethargic" when taken to the hospital by Boston EMS.



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wrong video

I'm seeing the "Kenmore Square flooding" video that was posted several days ago.

Edit: n/m, fixed.

Broadway Station

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should be closed down. This station attracts low life to this up and coming neighborhood. I don't want to be sitting here drinking Starbucks and watching people falling into the pit or crashing their Hoverounds on the escalators.

Video doesn't match witness account

The person seemed to walk at a constant pace directly off the platform, then bystanders scattered, not jumping in the pit to aid.

Perhaps the fare gate devices need to present more cognitive challenge before allowing people into the subway system - to prove they are not lemmings.

The frame is small

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Her erratic behavior could have taken place out of the frame, and the only part you see in the video is her falling onto the tracks.

Why do people keep doing

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Why do people keep doing this? Once upon a time, it was a rare, deliberate event. People, the yellow line is there for a reason. Stay off of it!

Video Bias

I really doubt it is any more common that it once was. I've seen it happen twice, but those incidents never made the news because they happened before 2000 and there were no dramatic videos of the event.

Now it makes the news - but that doesn't make it any more or less common, just more well known.

How do you know how rare it

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How do you know how rare it used to be? I don't think these incidents were publicized before the Internet.

This happens often enough

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This happens often enough that the MBTA should install platform doors.


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Saw news cameras there about 20 minutes ago. Wondered why they were there...