Alleged Red Line groper grabbed while still on train


Transit Police report arresting a Boston man on charges he groped a woman on a Red Line train around 3:30 p.m. yesterday.

Police say officers responded to Central Square, where they found the woman who said she'd been attacked, and who then pointed out the suspect, still on the train:

Other passengers who witnessed the Assault also came forward and positively identified the perpetrator to officers.

Adrian Kenny, 34, was charged with indecent assault and battery.

Innocent, etc.



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Did any

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of the passengers who witnessed the assault come to the victim's aid? And why does the city Cambridge allow the bad riff raff to congregate in Central Sq.? why are the afraid to combat it?

On a side note, I'm a guy in his late 30s, white, facial hair, don't dress like a college professor, yuppie/preppy, "professional", I.e. an IBM uniform or "business casual" (dockers khakis,branded polo shirt, hair not too long. too short,etc.), usually cargo pants/jeans, t shirt, casual shirt, sometimes a hoodie, cap; the majority of people in Central Sq and Cambridge (downtown,Back Bay,Beacon Hill) act like I'm a alcoholic,druggie,homeless guy out to hit them up for $, or hurt them. And I'm always clean,groomed,clean clothes,etc. This is becoming a ridiculously snobby and up tight area to live in.

There must be something about

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There must be something about your attitude or your face, sir... you might give it some thought. Most of us dress pretty much like you do, and we aren't all freaking each other out. Or are you talking about what happens when you are on the No. 1 bus? That is one place where everyone is always on guard about everyone else for sure. People are terrified of me and I'm just a little old white lady with a New Yorker magazine.


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And why does the city Cambridge allow the bad riff raff to congregate in Central Sq.? why are the afraid to combat it?
This is becoming a ridiculously snobby and up tight area to live in.

Covering all your bases?


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How exactly did I contradict myself? Bad riff raff in Central Sq vs Cambridge and some parts of Boston have become very snotty? You are not able to differentiate? It's just a strictly black and white issue to you?

I see an area with ever increasing economic and social stratification, an area which prides itself on being "progressive", yet on a daily basis MANY people are cold, arrogant and snobs. And these same people allow public policies that don't really help the "poor". It looks to me like lip service. And crowding "poor" people into certain neighborhoods and projects doesn't really help the situation, neither does allowing Central Sq. to be filled with hardcore hardcore homeless, excons released from prison or county jails, and it certainly isn't a good idea to mix these people in with seriously mentally ill homeless such as schizophrenics. I think it's allowed because it gives it a kinda cool, edgy, "progressive" (false tolerance) vibe. I suppose I should have elaborated more in this regard in my previous post: I think there are many fake "tolerant" so-called progressives in the Boston-Cambridge area.

And yes, I actually am a so-called professional, and have an advanced college degree and various certifications. And I also come from a "poor" urban background.


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Is there an easy way to follow up on all of the alleged gropers; a way to find out how many were, in fact, convicted?

I am all for people being able to ride trains without being assaulted. I find it somewhat troubling that PERHAPS one or two of these people whose faces are prominently displayed, prior to conviction, may be done a disservice that will be near impossible to live down. The person accused of a sexual crime is often front page news, but it is rare that the person absolved is given equal exposure.

IF one or two have been found not guilty, would it be proper to post that information here?

I'm just asking. I suppose there is also a case to be made that revisiting the accusation, even to declare it a wrongful accusation, may do more harm than good for the person. And if every one of them has been found guilty, that would also be useful information.