Boston in its more bucolic days

A bucolic Boston scene

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Looks like a church or a chapel. Not sure where though. Perhaps one of the universities or religious orders.

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Because unless you are homeless or pretend to be homeless and hop the 276 from Boston City Hospital or going a 9 year old going to Camp Mumbles, forget it, you cannot get out to Long Island. It's Tommy Boy's own Soviet Closed City.

Want to see the old Fort Strong or the lighthouse, which you own? Too bad. Want to see great views of the harbor which you paid to clean up and are still paying for now? Too bad. Want to see one of the world's most advanced (for 1880) sewer systems, which your great great grandparents paid for? Too bad.

It is a tad shame that you, me, and everyone else cannot go see what we own.


Is it actually possible to

Is it actually possible to ride the T bus to the island? What if I really tried pushing the limits and tried to bring a bike on the rack, and ride it back over the causeway to the part of the United States where the public is allowed?

What's the deal with Route 274? I heard it has something to do with weight restrictions on the bridge. Does everyone have to get off the 275/276 on Moon Island, and stand around in the cold waiting for a 274 to take a few people at a time to Long Island? shows it staying on Long Island, but I think that's a mistake.

So True....

I do fishing charters, and over the summer we had a few guys from around the country on the boat, that were in town for a convention. When I was pointing out the structures on Long Island and explaining what it is used for, the gentlemen were astonished. They actually (facetiously) suggested becoming homeless and moving to Boston, because of the island accommodations. In the 90's you could get on the island to drop off donations, use to always go with my grandparents. I would not like driving over that bridge now!

Volunteering is not the same as public access

Saying I should volunteer to get on Long Island is like saying I need to volunteer to walk around Franklin Park or the covered dump in West Roxbury.

I think the bridge story is a red herring. I take the Hingham Ferry a lot and there has been inspection work done on the bridge in the past few years. If the bridge could not handle a 57,000 pound bus (vague internet search) with 25 passengers, the bridge would not be in use. If the bridge can handle a bus like that why is a Subaru Forrester a problem? Limiting the amount of vehicles on the bridge at one time is one thing. An outright ban is different

The bridge is said not to be in good shape because the city does not want you out there. The guard at the shack at Moon Island causeway would have to do something other than waving to the cops going to the gunnery range and the fire fighters going to training or letting the bum bus go by and heaven forbid the good people of Squantum have to have one extra vehicle on their fair streets.

If you want access to the island, do what I did in the late 90's. Pester the city until they let you out. Call the Public Health Commission a lot and cajole them. I went out a crisp December Saturday, walked around, took pictures, and left. Not much to ask.

In the late 60's early 70's...

... my brother & I were friends with the daughter's of the then administrator of the hospital, thanks to our respective all-boy/all-girl high schools providing members of the opposite sex for drama productions. The family lived on the island in the administrator's house & basically had the run of the place to themselves. As I recall, there were few patients left & only a few buildings were operational. The father spent most of his time helping run Boston City Hospital, which I believe was responsible for the Long Island facility.

They hosted several cook-outs & parties and I recall that even then the bridge was not in good shape. In fact, one night , a car full of friends went off the bridge shortly after the approach due to bad lighting & bad driving. Fortunately, people were just banged up since the car landed on the shore line & not the water. But what a great place to explore-- the ruins of the fort, the vistas, the trails through the woods, the grounds themselves.

Access was restricted then, though, since we had to check in with a guard even if we were with one of the girls.