BPS can't seem to find a headmaster to run the O'Bryant School

The Bay State Banner reports. BPS has had problems finding a permanent headmaster for the exam school since Rodney Peterson resigned last year after news got out about his domestic-violence issue.



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    It's pretty bad when even

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    It's pretty bad when even administrators don't want to go to a Boston Public School. Why do we force children to attend such places? Isn't that tantamount to child abuse?

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    The truth is that the

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    The truth is that the O'Bryant has phenomenal students and an overwhelmingly competent and talented staff. The position of headmaster is one that is generally thankless, requires unbelievably long hours and forces an individual to essentially abstain from cultivating any family time because the commitment is so all-consuming. At the same time the O'Bryant is treated like the third wheel of the BPS exam schools despite outperforming Latin Academy according to just about any metric you can imagine while teaching the most diverse population of students among the three schools. The O'Bryant deserves way more credit and the head honchos at BPS would do well to pay more attention.

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    Is the treatment really that bad for O'Bryant? I don't really know much about the school. But Googling does seem to say the rankings and stats shows that it should get a greater mind share.

    Its history seems to say that the school is be the high school's version of MIT as BLS is to Harvard. But I have to notice that it doesn't seem to be given the same visibility and distinction. Also, I would imagine finding a new Headmaster would've been easier if the the perceived status was fitting to the numbers. A part of me wonder if the name is part of the lower visibility and perception.

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