BU sues yet another company over LED patent

Boston University filed another LED patent lawsuit this week, this time against a company that distributes Samsung's SPHWWTHDD805WHT0GD, SPHWHTHAD603S0R0MZ and, of course, popular SPMWHT221MD5WAP0S0 high-tech lamp components.

As it alleged in its earlier suits against Samsung, HP, LG, Apple, Amazon and two LED manufacturers, Boston University charges the components violate a patent based on the work of BU electrical engineering and computer science professor Theodore Moustakas for creating thin films out of gallium arsenide.

BU is, of course, seeking an immediate halt to distribution of the products and lots of damages and fees.




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    Well, BU get's all their

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    Well, BU get's all their money from the public, so I guess we should sue them for false claims of ownership.

    Being a school, their sue happy behavior is actually quite sickening. They should focus on educating their paying students, not wasting money, trying to act like a corporation.

    You are educators, not the R&D department for GE.

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    Not a Public School

    Are you aware that BU is a private University, not a public one? They get at least as many private grants as government ones.

    Large research Universities do research, hence the name. The people working on these projects aren't undergrads, they are grad students and post-docs. These students came to BU specifically to work on projects such as these.

    I would agree that research obtained from government grants should be released royalty free but this is a decision congress must stipulate. If this research was done using private grant money, you have nothing to complain about.

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    I don't agree that this

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    I don't agree that this research should be royalty-free. Royalties are not paid by other researchers that wish to build on previous work. They are generally only paid by companies that wish to license the work in order to make a profit. A lot of this money is fed back into fund further research at the university.

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    "Sue Happy?"

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    How does asking the court system to stop people who are stealing your stuff translate to being "sue happy?"

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    BU is a public school and gets money from the public. You're kidding. Right? BU is a private school and do not get money from state or federal government. Did you even attend an elementary school?

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