By - 10/21/14 - 11:20 pm

A federal appeals court ruled today that the First Amendment trumps a state law that lets officials order the removal of billboards along highways.

The ruling means a billboard company can continue a lawsuit over the regulations even though the state has never ordered any of its billboards removed.

A lower-court judge had dismissed Van Wagner Communications suit against the state Department of Transportation and... Read more

By - 10/19/14 - 12:42 pm

A woman and a teen are suing, alleging the service not only let their pimps sell them hundreds of times for sex in the Boston area but is going out of its way to make it easier for pimps to traffic minors and evade arrest.

In the suit, filed last week in US District Court, a 17-year-old identified as Jane Doe No. 1 and... Read more

By - 10/10/14 - 1:31 pm

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that supermarkets cannot shush away signature collectors from their entrances, because they are public spaces where state constitutional rights apply.

The ruling comes in the case of Steven Glovsky, who was told by the manager of the Westwood Roche Bros. in 2012 that he could not collect signatures there for his run for the governor's council.

The state's highest... Read more

By - 10/9/14 - 10:42 am
Dole Mandarin Orange packaging

A Middlesex County resident who claims to have been shocked to discover ascorbic acid and citric acid added to packages of Dole's "Mandarin Oranges in 100% Juice" is, of course, suing.

In a lawsuit filed this week in US District Court in Boston, Benjamin Mahan says Dole's packaging, which claims the products contain "all natural" fruit, violate federal and Massachusetts food-labeling laws because of the... Read more

By - 10/6/14 - 11:53 am

The Massachusetts Court of Appeals today ordered a new trial to determine how much the MBTA owes a woman who suffered serious neck injuries when Green Line operator Aiden Quinn plowed through a red light and crashed into another trolley in 2009, saying her lawyer manipulated the jury's emotions by repeatedly raising issues not supported by any evidence during the trial.

"The sheer number... Read more

By - 10/2/14 - 7:57 am

A man who twice bought shoes at the Payless store in Natick is suing the chain for allegedly violating a state law that prohibits companies from requiring address information for credit-card purchases.

In his lawsuit, filed this week in US District Court in Boston, Jeffrey Scolnick is seeking to become lead plaintiff in a class action he says could result in more than a $5-million... Read more

By - 10/2/14 - 7:47 am

Avid Technology of Burlington, which makes tools for managing movies, audio tracks and other media files, says a California file-sharing company not only poached some of its employees, it's illegally using its proprietary software.

In a lawsuit filed this week in US District Court in Boston, Avid accuses Gobbler of copyright and trademark violations and of violating the non-compete agreements four former Avid... Read more

By - 10/1/14 - 11:02 am

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that Children's Hospital is not legally responsible for "unnecessary genital examinations" done by a former doctor at the hospital after he moved to North Carolina.

The families of several children treated by Dr. Melvin Levine after he quit Children's in 1985 and moved to North Carolina sued the hospital, saying it should have known he was a child... Read more

By - 9/30/14 - 8:00 am

Euro-Pro, a Newton-based company that makes vacuum cleaners, is suing Dyson, Inc. over its claims that its vacuums have "twice the suction" of other vacuums.

Euro-Pro says they don't. In a lawsuit filed in US District Court in Boston yesterday, Euro-Pro explains its dust-up with Dyson:

Euro-Pro has commissioned third-party independent laboratory testing, conducted pursuant to the referenced ASTM F558 standard, which proves that

... Read more
By - 9/26/14 - 9:20 pm

A trade association of for-profit career schools in Massachusetts is suing Attorney General Martha Coakley, saying her attempts to regulate them violate their First Amendment rights and federal regulations and are a just a confusing mish-mash of nonsense they say does nothing to protect students, whom they say already enjoy bountiful legal protection by the Federal Trade Commission, among others.

In its lawsuit, filed this... Read more

By - 9/26/14 - 7:25 am

The Massachusetts Nurses Association yesterday sued Radius Specialty Hospitals over the short notice given workers that its long-term care hospitals in Roxbury and Quincy are closing.

In its lawsuit, filed in US District Court, the union says Radius did not give workers 60 days notice of the shutdown, as required by federal law.

By - 9/25/14 - 10:38 am

A Boston resident who says he was denied a gun permit when he tried to use a US passport as proof of citizenship wants a federal judge to order Police Commissioner William Evans to issue him a license to carry post haste.

In a lawsuit filed this week in US District Court along with Commonwealth Second Amendment, Phuong Ngo argues he's being deprived of... Read more

By - 9/24/14 - 1:41 pm

The Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled today a veteran doctor who decided to get additional training as a resident at Mount Auburn can pursue his discrimination claim over his firing in 2005.

A Superior Court judge had dismissed Bernard Bulwer's lawsuit against the hospital - which also included charges of defamation and "tortious interference" with his hospital contract - but the appeals court said there was... Read more

By - 9/21/14 - 12:48 pm

The Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center is suing its insurance company for refusing to reimburse it for the $763,000 a one-time accountant for the center embezzled between 2003 and 2008.

The Hartford Insurance Co. told the center it won't pay the claim because the center's policies excluded theft of money by employees.

In a suit originally filed last month in Suffolk Superior Court, the... Read more

By - 9/20/14 - 7:27 pm

Nancy Gair, who spent seven years as an instructor at the local Isis Parenting centers, says the company owes her and other workers back pay after it suddenly shut down in January.

In a lawsuit against former Isis managers and investors filed in US District Court in Boston this week, Gair is seeking to become lead plaintiff for roughly 200 hourly Isis employees who,... Read more

By - 9/17/14 - 10:33 am

Wicked Local Brookline brings us up to date on the war between Brookline and the owners of Hancock Village, who want to add 184 apartments to the Brookline side of the complex, including some in a five-story building that selectmen say is completely out of character in a part of town where single-family homes and two-story townhouses are the norm.... Read more

By - 9/17/14 - 8:42 am

Blauer Manufacturing, based in the Fenway, holds two patents on a lightweight system for concealed armor for police and is suing a New York competitor it alleges sells a product that violates the patents.

In a lawsuit filed this week in US District Court in Boston, Blauer wants a judge to order Spiewak to stop selling the competing product forthwith and... Read more

By - 9/16/14 - 1:29 pm

The Massachusetts Appeals Court today ordered the sale of a Lexington house in a victory for siblings of a man who claimed their late mother signed the house over to him years ago.

When several of the woman's six children moved to sell the house as she directed in her will and a real-estate trust she set up before her death, one of the brothers... Read more

By - 9/15/14 - 10:45 am

In a victory for the manufacturer of electric cars, the Supreme Judicial Court ruled today dealers of other types of cars have no grounds to block the company's efforts to sell vehicles directly to consumers.

Massachusetts car dealers had sued Tesla Motors under a state law designed to protect dealers from predatory actions by manufacturers.

But the state's highest court said the law only... Read more

By - 9/13/14 - 10:39 am

A Boston man who used to drink Blue Diamond Growers’ Almond Breeze Shelf Stable Chocolate Almond Milk says he was shocked into suing when he discovered that what Blue Diamond called "evaporated cane juice" was, in fact, processed sugar, and that the allegedly "all natural" product also contained potassium citrate, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D-2 and Vitamin D-Alpha-Tocopherol.

Casley Vass is seeking to become lead... Read more