Citizen complaint of the day: The Globe's stupid pink bags ruin another block

Globe Direct sucks

A disgusted citizen complains about how Globe Direct sucks by bespoiling Soley Street in Charlestown:

Can globe direct ever be stopped. Christmas came early on soley st where they gave several papers to each house, gave many to the sidewalk, and even gave some to the snow bank. Can they be fined for littering, or I am willing to recycle all of these as long as they never return.



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My understanding is that the bag ban only covers bags you get at point-of-sale - that is, when you buy something at CVS or whatever - and that newspaper bags are exempt.

That was me!

Cool, I'm internet famous! Too bad they only allow 1 picture on the app. The bags wedged next to parked cars and dead center in a snowbank were clasic Globe Direct.


These bags are frequently on

These bags are frequently on Eastie's sidewalks, many up againts wooden structured homes, god forbid a lit cigarette accidently hits one of these plastic bags that are up againts these wooden house's these bags pose a major fire hazzard to residents, Red Sox owners who bought the Globe should be ashamed of themselves for using this type of method to lure people into buying a newspaper! Boston Globe Newpaper sales have been down for many years now.What are they trying to accomplish?

I almost killed myself on a stack of these

Nothing like stepping out of your front door onto a top step that's covered with those slippery bags. I swear to God, if the person who dumped that shit were still around I would have beaten him to the fucking ground.

I was suggesting to my wife that we need to get a two-day-delivery law passed: If you're dropping any kind of bulk "mail"--cable TV door hangers, flyers, menus, phone books, anything like that--you have to come back in two days and collect every single one that's still on the street. No doubt the politicians would make an exemption for themselves like with robocalls, but it would still be worth it.

Improve the content of the packets!

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