The cycle of misery continues on the Green Line tonight

Another "power problem" between Arlington and Copley tonight - yes, cables are burning - and riders are finding themselves stranded. Emily Munroe tweeted shortly after 9:50:

Just got kicked off Bgreen line before Kenmore and was told there are no shuttles.



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I'd like to point out

That voter turnout for most state Senate and House races (you know, those kindly folks that decide how much money your public trains and buses get) held not even 3 months ago was between 60% and 65% in most cases.

Try to remember how you walked home on a 10 degree night next time we practice this election exercise. Maybe you'll actually show up for the next vote. Maybe we'll actually get 2 out of 3 voters to put down the iPhone and read up on their state reps before heading to their polling place.

Better Yet

Next time there is a Massive T Fail, get some buses to pick people up and drive them straight to the Statehouse to talk to the losers who a) claim that they are subsidizing Boston if they spend state money on the T and b) reps and senators who won't stand up to these turds by threatening to slash their roadway funding subsidized by urban areas accordingly.

If all these folks were willing to be just one hour more late to storm the statehouse, the point might be made!

This is why we need

(a) to eliminate the archane requirement whereby primary voters are forced to choose a party afflilation in order to cast a ballot; (b) eliminate this outdated system whereby only one candidate per party can be considered in the final election; and (c) why there should be a line (or checkbox, etc) under every race that reads "None of the Above."

RE: Senate and House races

Not even the only option, or even most practical,

Go there, find you current State Rep or Senator, and raise holy hell!

Write, email, or call (calling seems to get the most attention). Let them know how bad it's getting, and what you expect of them in response to the dire infrastructure funding we need.

Doesn't even have to be from your party. Trust me, if enough constituents from their area codes complain, it will light a fire under their ass to do something.