Emergency crews wing it in the Fenway

Injured osprey loaded into Animal Control wagon

Courtney Allender was on scene on Boylston Street this morning when firefighters blocked traffic for an injured osprey until animal control could arrive and take it away for treatment. More photos of the rescue.

Firefighters block traffic for wounded osprey

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    Serious question, would this

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    Serious question, would this be done for someone's domesticated animal? If it was someone's dog or cat, would a fire truck come and block off the street?

    Actually, no. I was on scene

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    Actually, no. I was on scene when a woman's pitbull was hit by a car in Roxbury. He was injured and bleeding and unable to move on his own but not dying or dead. Two police cruisers arrived about 15 minutes after being called, then almost immediately left when they discovered that it was a dog who had been hit. "We thought it was a call for pedestrian struck" is an exact quote. They said they couldn't do anything to help and did not even speak to the sobbing owner of the dog. We ended up loading the dog into the back of someone else's car and driving him to the animal hospital. I believe he did survive but needed to have one of his back legs removed.

    I would expect a pet owner to

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    I would expect a pet owner to be responsible for his/her own pet. What were they supposed to do, call an ambulance?

    less than helpful police

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    I called the police once because there was a dog darting in and out of traffic on a main road. The officer on the phone said it wasn't their problem, (apparently dangerous situations that can cause traffic accidents aren't the police's problem.) It was Sunday, so animal control was closed. My friends and I ended up grabbing it by the collar and dragging it to my mom's house, a mile away.


    Reminds me of the time there was a dog running around in the middle of Rt 1 South at Walnut St in Saugus, right after a semi-blind curve. Cars were going every direction, swerving, slamming on brakes. The state police operator transferred me to the Saugus dispatcher, who seemed equally uninterested. I guess the potential for a fatal multi-vehicle accident was no problem at all.

    What I heard when I was there

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    What I heard when I was there was that the BFD was driving by, and stopped, rather than hit the thing. They called Animal Control, put out some cones, and even got a blanket to keep the bird from flapping into traffic. I'm sure if they had a call, they would have left. You often see stories in the news of firefighters rescuing cats, dogs, etc...

    Poor osprey!

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    Can a wing that thoroughly snapped even be treated, or are this osprey's flying days over?

    Anywhere we can go for updates on its condition?


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    So they blocked traffic and annoyed countless taxpaying citizens for one bird? How much did it cost for these first responders to rush to this scene?

    Because valuing the sanctity

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    Because valuing the sanctity of sentient life is so much less important than allowing your fat ass to drive pedal to the floor.

    Out to Lunch...

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    it never ceases to amaze me that there are folks like you who inhabit the world with the rest of us.

    to Lunchbox

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    This taxpaying citizen is in favor of the osprey rescue. Get out of your car and take a walk in the nearby Victory Gardens and maybe then you'll gain a little appreciation of the amazing birds of prey which inhabit the Fens and the Muddy River.