Erie Street residents had complained about the phone pole for weeks - then it fell on a family

The Dorchester Reporter reports on the pole that crashed on a family's car and how they narrowly avoided being crushed and then immolated when the car burst into flames. Verizon owns the pole.



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      Family is going to own Verizon, complete negligence!

      No, they won't

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      Look at that poor couple whose house blew up in Hyde Park a couple years ago thanks to the contractor who hit a gas main. They still don't have a house.

      Verizon employs lots of smart lawyers. They will tie this family up for years at the DPU and in court.

      Not a good idea to go to

      Not a good idea to go to court against Verizon. If the family is smart, they will just settle out of court for a smaller sum of money.

      That poor couple...

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      ...was out mowing the lawn on their vacant lot over the weekend. They have finally decided to cut their losses and sell the land, which is depressingly not going to go for market rate, since it's just gravel and weeds with a foundation buried underneath. They're the mayor's neighbors, and they have homeowner's insurance, and now it's almost three years later and they're still screwed.

      I think this Dot family has no shot.

      Beacon Hill problem

      Double (utility) poles are supposed to get removed within 90 days (I think) by state law, but there is no penalty for not doing it. New bills are filed each session to fix it, and each session the bills don't get acted on. I figure the utilities lobby has deep pockets.

      In defense of Verizon, people complaining about a bad pole for weeks is but a blink of the eye to them. People complain about many poles for years without response.

      Did anyone else catch this?

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      Umm, so the girl's father is also the mom's cousin?

      Those five people included four members of the same extended family, including the driver, Satisha Cleckley, 25, and her cousin and front seat passenger, Aquila Williams, 29. In the back were their daughters, Nyama Williams, age 6, and Satisha’s 3-year-old Ja’Niya— strapped into her car seat.

      Keeping it in the family...

      The "their" there

      It seems more likely that Nyama is Aquila Williams' daughter, and Ja’Niya is Satisha Cleckley's daughter; thus, "their daughters". They're lucky to have survived intact.

      Many Verizon Poles in Need of Repair

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      Not the first and won't be the last incident involving Verizon's poles. I've personally been reporting 2 poles that are leaning with wiring hanging dangerously low. I've seen trucks attempting to pass under the low-lying wires and getting stuck. Poor drivers too scared to get out of the trucks. Verizon's response: " Our team has determined there's no need for repair."
      I think it's time we start reporting these damaged poles to the city. How do you think Verizons "smart attorneys" for hold up against a city of Boston or the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?