Feds shut unlicensed radio station, but not the one run by a candidate for Boston mayor

The US Attorney's office reports federal agents seized radio-transmitting equipment from a pirate radio station transmitting from a Brockton home, in part because it was interfering with an air-traffic-control frequency for Logan Airport.

The seizure has nothing to do with Touch FM, an unlicensed station in Dorchester run by Clarence Clemons, who says he is running for mayor of Boston this year. Touch FM has assumed the role of a community resource for Boston's black community with the demise of other programming on licensed radio and TV stations.

The Brockton seizure happened March 1 after, the feds say, residents of the house had been told several times to knock it off. The Globe has more. In recent years, Brockton has become a pirate radio hotspot.



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    I love Touch 106.1

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    The best station in town; a true replacement for WILD. They have the Time Tunnel with Skippy White on Saturday mornings. I didn't know it was unlicensed, but I hope they can straighten that out. I only wish their signal was stronger.

    Anyone know

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    who's broadcasting and interfering with WBUR all the time?

    Love to know so I can hit their house with a EMP.

    99.5 too

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    I have no problem with unlicensed radio, since I know it takes tons of money to get a radio station. But can they at least check and makes sure they're using an unused frequency? There's something reggaeish that interferes with 99.5 in much of Boston, and it pisses me off. Move it to another frequency and I'd probably listen to both stations actually, but grr.

    Other pirate radio around Boston AM-FM analog or HD radio dial?

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    At what frequencies in recent memory around the Boston, Charlestown, Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline AM-FM analog or Hybrid Digital HD radio dial are or have been heard current or special occasion or intermittent or one time or any pirate radio broadcasts?... or such?

    Hybrid Digital HD radio subchannels can be heard with

    Touch FM rules

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    I LOVE that station! It's so positive and they play a great variety of music.