Globe reporter tells us a story

A really nice, inspiring story about a couple of poor kids from Dorchester.



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Any way

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to get around the paywall?

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Buy a paper for $1 and read the story. Or do you think the author shouldn't be paid for his work?

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paying it forward

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Really nice to see some positive stuff, BB is a great kid from a very wonderful family.

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Filling in the Cracks

Damn. That really can make all the difference.

I had my own team of teachers and coaches who did that for me ... and I had a lot more parent power than these kids do!

Now my kids have it all, but some of their friends do not. I tell my sons to bring them to me.

So I know how astounding and deep Emmett Folgert's and Billy Baker's commitments are here ... they aren't just buying a prom dress here or helping with a college application there or occasionally reviewing the homework of a kid whose parents are uneducated and barely literate in their native language (but care enough to ask the soccer coach for help).

They have stepped in for the full range of gap-plugging, crack-filling, and guide-dog services x2. Kids need adults to help them navigate the world they want to live in, especially when the only adults around know only the world they live in, no matter how able they may seem to do it on their own. I tip my hat to both of them! Way to step up.

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The Globe? That terrorist loving rag?

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Meanwhile, over at the dying Boston Herald, their brain trust has spent the last day stirring up the mouth breathers with outrage over the Tsaranev story in Sunday's Globe. Last week it was the plastic bag and Styrofoam ban in Brookline that signaled in the beginning of socialism in our fair state.

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You really lost me

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Why would you want to write a story in two sentence pieces? There are only about 33 million different ways of creating a free blog. On that blog you could wrote an entire paragraph at a time! What a concept.
Next up, the guy who writes a story in ones and zeros.

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Twitter != journalism

What was the Globe editor thinking? Not that the story isn't great (George got into Yale!), but publishing the follow-up as fifty-some tweets just doesn't work.

Edit: Fixed, posted in narrative format.

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