Grant will make Greenway carousel a real jewel

The Tiffany & Co. Foundation announced today it's giving a $1.5 million grant to the Greenway Conservancy to build a permanent carousel between Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Christopher Columbus Park:

The Tiffany & Co. Foundation Grove at Carousel Park is destined to be a major attraction for locals and visitors. Plans for Carousel Park include a signature grove of trees, a robust garden perimeter, and comfortable park furnishings.

The new carousel will feature Boston-specific characters: Grasshoppers, lobsters, cods, butterflies, foxes, skunks, sea turtles, sea lions and falcons, based on drawings by Boston school children, as well as an enclosure for winter use.

Construction is slated to begin next week, with an opening planned for September.



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    *Comfortable* park furnishings! As opposed to the artistic unsittable ones down at Fort Point. Nice!

    talk about the entitlement generation

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    why do you need every single bench in the city to work for your specific ass?

    no one is taking away any benches for the new design-y ones.... if you dont like them, sit somewhere else (or more likely, stay home and complain about stuff on the internet)

    How do you know what

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    How do you know what generation the poster is? Or is everyone alive now part of the "entitlement" generation.

    And may I suggest memory foam benches? That way they would work for everyone's specific ass. Genius.

    the poster i replied to is

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    the poster i replied to is outspoken enough that casual readers of the site (or at least me) know him to be outsider to- and critic of- the entitlement generation

    and will the memory foam remember farts as well as contours?


    Boston-specific characters?

    Skunks I understand - that would represent City Hall. But Pacific sea lions?


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    Characters are animals you'd find in the Boston area, so it's actually a atlantic harbor seal, lobster, grasshopper, 3 types of butterflies, a barn owl, fox, Cod (state fish of Massachusetts) etc.

    No masked bandits near Tiffany?

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    Skunks but no raccoons? I've seen more than my share of the banditos in the Boston area in my time.

    Maybe Tiffany doesn't want them to try to make off with a grasshopper in the middle of the night.


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    I get a bad feeling about this.

    "Carousel Park"

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    What a joke. I don't care if they pave it with diamonds, they can never make the greenway look like anything other than what it is. A soulless median strip surrounded on both sides by traffic. Calling something a "park" does not a park make.

    Visit much?

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    I got yer' soulless median strip right here:



    There are no 'cods'. There are only 'cod'. Right? Oh, so "based on drawings by Boston school children" must mean cods with lasers coming out of their eyes and butterflies with giant claws.
    Looking forward to it.