MBTA general manager rallies Philly workers building new commuter coaches

GM Beverly Scott in Hyundai-Rotem plant. Photo by MBTA.GM Beverly Scott in Hyundai-Rotem plant. Photo by MBTA.

"We're all in this together," Scott told workers at the plant in Philadelphia today.

According to the T, Scott "stressed the importance of MBTA staff and the Hyundai-Rotem team working cooperatively to step up the pace of production. The company is now more than two years late in delivering two-level coaches that will let the T expand capacity on its commuter-rail lines. The T says the first three of the new coaches, delivered last November, should go into service next month.



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When they say there are 75

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When they say there are 75 coaches on order, that means it's good for an additional 12.5 trains (6 coaches per train) right? Also, I noticed most of the trains have 4 double-coaches and 2 single-coaches. Will these new coaches allow the train to have 6 double-coaches or is there a reason the coaches are linked up in the configuration as follows:

these coaches will replace

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these coaches will replace the existing coaching that have fleet numbers starting with 5 and 15 (e.g. 503, 1517)

The car types are completely

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The car types are completely interchangeable; they try to match the number of seats (and therefore, the number of cars) to the expected passenger load but don't always succeed.

The only general requirement when making up a trainset is that a 1000-series car (e.g., 1505, 1703, 1901) is at the opposite end from the locomotive, as these are the only cars that have cab controls to operate the train (referred to as "CTC" in MBTA-speak, for "control trailer coach"; the cars with three digit numbers do not have controls, and are referred to as "BTC" for "blind trailer coach"). There can be more than one CTC in a train, with all but the end car serving the same role as the BTCs.

I believe that the early deliveries are almost all going to end up working on lines out of North Station, where they have almost exclusively single-level (and therefore older) equipment. Only once they have enough capacity will those of us on the south side start seeing more doubles on our trains.

No 1900 series cars

The control cars are the 1500s, 1600s and 1700s. When the 900 series coaches were delivered, there were no 1900 series control cars.

Having heard her speak at the

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Having heard her speak at the WalkBoston event last week I have no doubt she connected and got them encouraged, she is a very good speaker (can get onto tangents) but connects and works with her audience very effectively. How much that effort will translate into faster coaches, who knows but heck it really can't hurt at this point.

On the bi-level single level configuration, I think they only have a limited number of Bi-level "cab" cars that allow the train to be run from the non engine end, so they hook up one or more single levels to achieve this. There is also the weight issue with the older engines in that they seemingly can't run more than 6 bi-levels, which is may be why you will sometimes see 7 or 8 single car trains but I think never more than 6 bi-levels. Oh course I could be very wrong there and I am in no way "in the know" regarding this :)

All I am saying is the Newburyport/Rockport line better be getting some of those bi-levels.

What's the opposite of a pep rally?

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It's whatever is happening in that room.

Those guys look so bored that it looks like they'd rather poke their eyes out than sit there and listen to her talk.

Hurry up and listen to my speech.

I'd be bored too. Hopefully they got some cake at the end of this political pep rally.

Also, it's great that MBTA had someone to post the photo to the media so quickly. I'm sure that will help get these cars out the door quicker.

They're thinking

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"We could be building the coaches right now, if we weren't sitting and listening to a speech."


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Bev Scott is a weeble.

Must be 100% union labor for

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Must be 100% union labor for this job.

Otherwise, you'd get stuff like this:

Nice set of videos at this site. These goons in Philly come after you even if the job is 70% union. Pure thuggery.