Not much call for sandwiches in the Common at night in the middle of a snowstorm

Earl of Sandwich in Boston Common

Arturo Gossage walked around the Common tonight.

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Ye olde bathroom.

Now, see?

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If they had put a Shake Shack there. there would still be a line tonight.

Well ...

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What passes for a snowstorm around here these days.

Of course you didn't. Chrome

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Of course you didn't. Chrome is merely telling you that "contrarian" is not in its dictionary...

Have they always intended to

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Have they always intended to be open during the winter? Being right in the middle of the park and not having an enclosed heated dining area is apt to bite into sales.


As far as I'm concerned a public restroom in the park would serve a much larger need. But if the city has decided the citizens of Boston need a sandwich shop and not a bathroom they might well require the shop to stay open so at least it has some benefit to someone.

and risk

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Buffy the Yuppie from B.H./B.B. out with her stroller screaming 'Pervert'! And be arrested for indecent exposure, then having a sex offense on your record?

Not much call for many

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Not much call for many businesses that are closed at the time of photo being taken.
Winter hours: 11am-4pm.

Yes - but Earl of Sandwich is always empty

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I've gone by there several times in early afternoon and the place is deserted - I usually see one person ordering and that's about it - maybe a hot chocolate or something?

I'm sure it'll be more crowded in the summer time - but for me I'd rather get some other local fare and just sit at those nice outdoor seats (which I'm assuming is OK because it's a public park - and if not I'll head over to the Brewer Fountain)

The historical commission in charge of the park really screwed up in my opinion - those awnings are way too red and garish for the park and those lights at night make it look like an amusement park.
I'm admittedly biased - never was a fan of making this a restaurant.

Honestly - not sure the financial arrangements but don't really see how this place makes it with a 6 month season - less the rainy days of course.

I'm sorry that

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That no small, local sandwich place could make a go ofit, but I can see how the finances of a small, seasonal place would be tricky. Still, nice to see it lit and occupied, it used to look like an abandoned crypt and the was an actual rat trail worn in the grass from the, er, regular occupants.

yeah ill be the first to

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yeah ill be the first to admit that im admittedly biased because i'm a huge EoS fan, but i work pretty close to there and even i won't trek out there in the winter. my understanding was that they were only going to be open april through october... but considering they opened in october (after like a year and a half delay), they probably wanted to give it a go and hope the opening buzz carried them at least a little. my guess is that it will close up for the season next october and not try a winter run again. and as much as i do love them, i'd be inclined to agree that it may not be the best location for that kind of food setup.

as for the historical commission, i think it's still a lot better than it was when it was sitting there rotting, and we all know that the city wasn't going to suddenly wake up and do something about it. and as someone who does often walk through that area at night more light in the common at night is definitely not a bad thing.

The Best Roast Beef Sandwich Around

I have been enjoying Earl of Sandwich sandwiches for years. First found them in Downtown Disney. Was thrilled they came to Boston. Only the location really stinks (no pun intended) particularly in the winter. If this was in Quincy Market it would be a license to print money

but ... but ...

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Are they WORLD FAMOUS roast beef sandwiches? Like the ones in every town you've never heard of?