Red sky at morning, sailors take warning

Sunrise over Waltham

And, yes, we're expecting one to two inches of snow today. But, still, people who were up at, well, the crack of dawn, got to see quite the sunrise. Allison Pyburn watched the sun rise over Waltham.




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This morning's sunrise

The sunrise this morning was incredible! I really can't even put it in to words. At times it almost looked like the sky was on fire, other times it looked like a watercolor painting -- it was constantly changing and just wicked cool. :)

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Interesting how the National Weather Service

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is really downplaying the approaching storm They've been predicting 2 to 4 inches of snow since yesterday, mostly south of Boston, but they have yet to issue a winter weather advisory.

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creeping up

The NWS didn't predict it, so it's pretending nothing's happening.

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man up

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The NWS has 'merely' a hazardous weather advisory in effect for this area because that's what appropriate for 2-4 inches of snow with no significant wind. (Btw, roadman, that advisory was issued last night, so early risers today who monitor the NWS forecast have not been caught unawares).

Contrast that with the Winter Storm Warning for the Mid-Atlantic states, which the NWS issued back last Thursday night/Friday. (Btw, they've now downgraded that to a Winter Storm Advisory at this point - this has been a fast moving system).


Anyone who wants to can monitor the NWS forecasters' discussions. (The one for our local Taunton headquarters is located here).

But nice troll attempt.

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Thanks for the clarification

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BTW, as a regular listener to NWS broadcasts, I was under the impression that a Winter Weather Adivisory was normally issued whenever accumulating snow and ice was predicted, but accummulations were to be light. Now, I can see not issuing an advisory for the immediate Boston area, which is supposed to get about an inch out of this, but seems to me that the Southcoast and Cape, with 2 to 4 inches predicted, might have warranted an advisory.

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