The Riverside Line was smokin' this morning

Riverside train has a smoking problem

Molly Fohn's commute this morning was interrupted at Brookline Hills when everybody was ordered off the train because of all that smoke from the train's brakes. Everyone escaped unhurt.



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One of the train sets on the

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One of the train sets on the D line has been smoking and smelling of burnt rubber for months now. Guess it finally fully burst into flames today.

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I'll be that guy..

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So yesterday some independent report says the T's maintenance costs are far more than the national average for transit systems. So um.. if its more, what are these guys doing at the garages? If this happens.. not much I assume.

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You mean...

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...the guy who didn't read the report?

The Pioneer Report was specifically about bus maintenance costs. As to be expected, the report is there to make the argument for privatizing repair services. I'm as sure there is waste and lazy asses in the current system as I'm sure that if given the chance the owner of a private garage service would short-change repairs and pay workers as little as possible to maintain large profits. Pick your poison.

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I knew

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I knew someone would get me on this. I did read the report.. bus/train/anything, I think its universal across the T.

If its going on in one garage (bus), I'm pretty sure it's going on another (train).

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You're not in "the know"

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That's all I can say. Sorry.

Actually, I can say a bit more:

Mechanics are busy keeping 19 year old buses on the road so Somerville, Cambridge, Arlington, Chelsea, and Lynn can move during the rush hour.

Machinists are hard at work ensuring that 45 year old Red Line cars don't break down more often than they do.

Repairers are hard at work keeping the Orange Line car count just above the bare minimum.

At 4:45 every morning, across the region, MBTA maintenance crews pull off small miracles to get revenue service on the road.

When the system's "State of Good Repair" is allowed crumble because of deferred required maintenance, impromptu maintenance costs soar.

But I'm sure you knew all of that already.

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Orange Line *is* bare minimum

Repairers are hard at work keeping the Orange Line car count just above the bare minimum.

The Orange Line is at bare minimum on rush hour... on a good day. If there's a set out during peak hours, they're running at longer headways or with a service gap.

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Keep in mind

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We have one of the most "diverse" transit systems in the country. Mattapan trains are different from Green Line cars which are different from Orange Line which are different from Blue Line. In the bus realm you have a couple of different Silver Line set-ups, various bus types, including the overhead wire- variety in Cambridge/Watertown.

The garages maintain machinists to create some of the parts they need because they are not made anywhere else anymore. It's ridiculous. And it's expensive. And it's what you get when you don't fucking invest in your system and upgrade the motherfuckers intelligently.

And I imagine there are some over-paid lazy-asses in there as well. Let's shoot them all in the head and see how quickly things start working better.

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