Teen falls four floors through a skylight at an MIT frat in Kenmore Square

Shortly after 11:30 p.m. at Phi Sigma Kappa, 487 Commonwealth Ave., according to Boston EMS Incidents.

UPDATE: The Globe reports he is 18 and is expected to survive.



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    MIT students have been living in these residences in the Back Bay for nearly 150 years ... and falling through the skylights.

    The row house I lived in as an undergrad had the skylight closed off to create another rooming space with a loft and common areas on the third and fourth floors. However, there were oldtimers who told stories from the days before "the renovation" when so-and-so went through the skylight (said renovation being in the 1970s).

    Any other non-divided rowhouse used for college housing in the Back Bay/Kenmore area has "that" same story, too.

    Should read

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    ADULT instead of Teen. He is 18 and, thus, of legal age after all.

    Not so sure of the use of

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    Not so sure of the use of "adult" in this context. This kid doesn't sound ready for prime time, never mind living on his own.

    Point taken

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    However, when most people hear the phrase "teen", they don't automatically think of an adult of legal age.

    If the guy had been in his twenties, would the headline read "TwentySomething fell through skylight." I doubt it.

    Good Glavin, being MIT

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    Good Glavin, being MIT students, they were clearly engaging in some sort of complex gravity experiment....whahey!

    18 Year Old. MIT. This is

    18 Year Old. MIT. This is making me imagine the background is the student as graduating high school with all kinds of honors. The parent weeping and saying good bye while being so proud with going to a school like MIT. They leave with full trust and confidence to handle alone backed by years of stellar discipline, grades, and responsibility. Then cut to scene that less than a week out, a phone call is made having to explain their kid fell 4 floors from a skyline.

    Reminds me of those similar stories hearing from a few RAs where the student is left to their own devices for the first time and not even 12 hours later the hospital is calling the parent that their kid is now in the hospital for alcohol poisoning. But a skyline is much more dramatic (and being MIT versus the state school I was hearing as context)

    One correction

    MIT Freshmen are no longer allowed to pledge frats, live in the independent living groups or live off campus unless it is with their parents. So, said 18 year old is likely to be a sophomore, unless he was visiting the residence.

    So the scenario you describe is unlikely, unless the policy of making freshmen live on campus has just added a year to the protective bubble and sophomore is the new stupid.

    Good thing

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    more freshmen aren't living in frats with skylights, no? Unless of course, you are the brilliant Swirly Girrl who knows and anticipates all things.

    Do you have a point?

    Other than on the top of your head?

    Oh, wait, that would make it difficult for you to get in your car and drive every where you go, through congested areas every day, and complain about roads being congested every day. You must have stowed it somewhere else ...


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    I actually walk and take the T, too!

    I was just imagining a

    I was just imagining a comedic-contrast of the parents giving weeping praise and walking away assuring their child can handle himself. Then to scene a phone call of the most epic fail possible. Something straight from something like Malcolm in the Middle. You're nitpicking a humorous quip Swirrly.

    And now thinking more

    And now thinking more seriously. My memories of going to MIT parties did had plenty of freshmen "visiting". Heck, one friend from HS went to MIT, same year as me, a freshman, and I called him up to help get cut the line to his fraternity. Yes, now you reminded me, he had trouble pulling the strings explaining he can't be a real member until next year. But frats still have freshmen walking around in there. Maybe they cracked really cracked down on that, but yeah.

    Raise the age to 21

    Something must be done to keep 18 year olds from hurting themselves with skylights! Make the age 21 before they are allowed near them!

    MIT dumbass

    WBZ reported that the student was JUMPING on the skylight!

    Expel him from MIT, send him to ITT Tech, DeVry, or a community college!

    Freshmen are allowed to pledge, just not to live in the house

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    Until sophomore year. Not that this is totally enforced, though, as second-semester freshmen in fraternities often move into the houses, leaving their dorm beds empty but technically occupied and paid for.

    Anyway, it's entirely possible that this was a freshman pledge.


    Didn't something like this happen last year? And this precious one is neither a teenager or an adult. Dumbass will suffice...


    i remember hearing about that when it happened and i was in college (not at MIT) back then


    now we know that it is officially fall!!!!!