Such a deal at the Hyde Park Shaw's!

Tebow shirt on sale

Better hurry, although Paul MacMaster says he'll wait until they're 125% off.



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various shaws

Adam, do you find the HP shaws less clean than the west Roxbury one or the Lower Mills one? My wife and I alternate between the three but shop primarily at the HP one and see some room for improvement.


HP vs WR (never been to the Lower Mills one)

I shop in both, never noticed that HP was any worse than WR, but maybe I haven't been observant enough. I have learned, though, to buy ears of corn at Stop & Shop or Roche Bros. Both stores pale, of course, when compared to the Roche Bros-like Chestnut Hill store or the airport-hanger-sized Dedham one (love the Chestnut Hill cartveyor, hate the fact that most of the aisles are just barely wide enough for two carts to pass).


Shaws Prudential

I'm sure that kind of real estate is not cheap, and the prices reflect that.

Having worked for Coca-Cola in the past, and met the store managers/loss prevention people I know first hand that being a 24 hour store they have a huge issue of drunk kids/homeless/drunk homeless people stealing merchandise. While they catch a great deal of the suspects, it's inevitable that some will succeed--passing the price on to consumers.

In any case, that is by far the most expensive Shaw's in the area.


That's an interesting point.

That's an interesting point.

I'll say this about Shaw's v. Stop & Shop: You learn one Stop & Shop, then you've learned them all. Each Shaw's has a completely different layout, so getting to know which aisle has the tomatoes in WR isn't going to help you so much over at Columbia Point. Thinking about it, I shopped at the CP Shaws (first Star) for four years and I never quite learned the layout. Just as I had it figured out, the manager would rearrange the store. Drove me nuts.


The Hyde Park and West Roxbury Shaw's, however ...

Are pretty much identical, which I guess makes sense since they were both rebuilt around the same time. The parking lots, however, are completely different, which is why I try not to go to either while sleep deprived, since I tend to park near different entrances for each, and wind up exiting at the wrong end of the store. Such is my life.


The Shaws on Hyde Park Ave is

The Shaws on Hyde Park Ave is one of the dirtiest "mainstream" supermarkets (ie not including America's Food Basket and similar) in the area. I am willing to drive to the Stop and Shop in Dedham to avoid the filthy mess that is the Hyde Park Shaws, even though it means traveling a few miles instead of a few blocks. The Stop and Shop on the Truman Parkway is better post-renovation (it was previously shabby and dingy), but it still has inferior selection and narrow aisles.


Checking wall

You mean the "shop" in Shaw's Orange? Complete with the cutesy leaf/apostrophe that Shaw's uses in the logo? Hmmm? Is that what you were referring to, perhaps?


When the Hyde Park ave Shaw's

When the Hyde Park ave Shaw's was a Star Market , it was spiffy , guess things changed when the Star Market brand was destroyed by those carpet-baggers. If you want to see a new improved nice store, try the new Stop and Shop in Pembroke , its just the right size , not super sized .