Man plunges to tracks at North Station; fellow riders rescue him

Happened Wednesday night, Boston Metro reports.



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Woman Tugs Him Over To Her

Yes, the man who ran from the other side was very impressive. Watch the whole video again and follow him from the beginning. He's quite far away, but upon hearing the commotion selflessly runs down the platform and across the tracks to help. I think he knew of the danger of the third rails, but takes care to avoid stepping on them. The best part is at the very end when the woman who was accompanying him, tugs the man over to her as they walk away; hopefully to give the hero a big hug!


Nice job by the young guy, but ...

He looks more like a local kid who spent some time growing up taking the T than a first responder. When i was growing up we'd explore the tracks and the tunnels to abit and learned to be very careful.
More power to him though, regardless of where he got his moxie and awareness.


Wow. It looks like the guy really slammed his head on the rail when he landed and was out cold for a least a second or two.

Also, check out the guy/kid who runs over from the other side managing to carefully avoid the third rail on both sides on each pass. Nicely done!


Awesome job, Boston!

Awesome job, Boston!

I like how that guy in the tracks runs back across to the other side. Maybe he really didn't want to miss his train (it was the Orange Line, after all) but I think I would have just used the platform closest to where I was and then walked back over.


Is the white flashing light

Is the white flashing light starting at 0:20 a security system that detects people walking into the tunnel? The guy climbing down the ladder in the foreground might have set it off.

Has anyone ever thought of pull-station alarms to stop approaching trains when someone is on the tracks?

No alarm pulled

That's just my ol' arch nemesis... motion detectors in tunnels. Any subway station near a water crossing has them (North Station, South Station, Broadway, Aquarium, Maverick). They keep expanding that damn program.


Possibly knew what he was doing

My first impression was he was going to go down the ladder rungs off the end of the platform (but then doubled back once he saw help had already jumped in). But he may very well have been intentionally triggering the "unauthorized tunnel entry" alarm. It's not easy to tell what his intentions were by the video.


Serious question, is there

Serious question, is there some kind of emergency stop button at the end(s) of a platform, or some kind of entry alarm?

I was just thinking that guy wasn't trusting his knees to jump down into the tracks. Regardless, I think they were all pretty brave for going down there like that. Especially that guy who jumped down from the other platform and ran across the tracks. Way to go, commuters!


If there are emergency stop

If there are emergency stop buttons, they're really well disguised, which kind of defeats the purpose.

Plenty of tunnel sections have entry alarms. There's a keypad/badge reader at the end of the platform.

If they deactivated the third rail

The Orange Line would be regularly crippled (oh, wait... it already is!). 99% of the time, there's no reason for it to go off -- false alarms. The LED strobes turn on, an alarm goes off, and the North Station Hub Desk (at the main gates near the TD Garden entrance) is alerted. They send someone down, check it out, and the next couple trains are told to keep an eye out. Then the thing either turns off or they turn it off (never saw it deactivate, so I don't know).


Looks like what happened at

Looks like what happened at Kendall about a year or so back - several incidents where the person didn't seem to be disabled or intoxicated, but just kept walking briskly toward the platform opposite without noticing the huge pit between them. I can't fathom how it happens, but that's humans for ya!


I like the way the lady is

I like the way the lady is waving her pocketbook to signal an oncoming train. People are resourceful! Also, I read the fallen guy had just completed or passed his medical boards and had gone out to celebrate. Yikes!