Your morning dead-train report

Jesus at Central Square

Prayer couldn't hurt. Kate spotted Jesus at Central Square this morning.

As of 8 a.m., there have been two dead trains: One inbound Red Line train (of course) from Braintree and one inbound trolley on the B Line.



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    Only two dead trains? Wrong!

    There were at least three!

    One on the Red Line and B Line, plus there was one on the D Line, too, Adam. C'mon, keep up with this! But I can understand your inability to maintain a tally... an operator and inspector were chatting at Park St and they were commenting about the cluster. "It's a fucking mess," as they so eloquently put it. It was to the point where they weren't even sure they were on the right track at Park St (dispatch wanted them on the fence track, they went to the fence track, and then all trains were told to use the wall track).


    St. Jude - patron saint of the Red Line

    I nominate Saint Jude, patron saint of lost causes, to be the official representative of the Red Line.

    Pray for me as I take the Red Line from North Quincy to a charity event in Harvard Square on Saturday night. Bless me and protect me from cracks on the third rail, signal failures and shuttle buses. Amen.


    Not Jesus

    I doubt that is the Savior.

    It appears it may be a nativity scene statue. Likely Joseph.

    It's not a Wise Man. No one brings gifts to the T.

    Wait till the snow falls this weekend. Pack a flashlight and cookies with you.


    The T is a shambles.

    I was just thinking about how fortunate we are that the snow for this weekend is coming on the weekend. We won't be so lucky all winter (although maybe through the pre-holiday busy time), and it's not going to be pretty the first time we have a good storm blow in for the morning or evening commute.

    By the way, can we increase the usage of those great British terms "shambles" and "shambolic" to describe the T? I ask because the situation reminds me of something I heard a fellow utter at Heathrow a couple of years ago when I was a bit slap happy after an overnight flight: "The lifts aren't working?! This is a shambles! An utter shambles, I say. How can we possibly be expected to host the Olympic games?!?!"

    It will at least put a hint of a smile on my face despite this awful and ongoing embarrassment to the city and region.


    I can't be the only one

    I can't be the only one wondering at this point if there's some kind of behind the scenes work stoppage / revolt.

    Cue the onion article about al queda not targeting US subway systems because no one would notice the disruption as it's standard by now.