Back of the Hill? More like Crack of the Hill

Shortly after noon, a car went flying into the building at 71 S. Huntington Ave., in the latest of an unending series of crashes along the street south of the intersection with Huntington Avenue.

The building inspector was summoned to check the building for structural damage; the E Line stopped running past Brigham Circle.



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This street is ridiculous

This street is ridiculous with the train tracks up the middle. Cars crash here WAY more than normal. Almost every friend I have who cycles has a story of crashing or almost crashing on the tracks here. The buses and the green line trains opening people out onto the street, and a line of parked cars on each side of the road only add to the chaos. I really hope Boston is looking at doing something with this street.

I used to have a friend who lived on south huntington and she said she used to hear cars crashing on it like every single time it rains! I suspect way more crashes happen than go reported on UHUB.


It wasn't built for cars

It wasn't designed for the needs of vehicles traveling the speeds that they do. I used to work up the street, and there would be regular mishaps.

I can't quite figure out why they try to get two lanes out of that stretch given the configuration of the intersection and the trolley tracks. It sets up a weird dynamic, and I'd be surprised if they really got more capacity out of it that way.



It's generally the slickness of the steel tracks that get blamed, not the presence of trains.

If anything, the trains make the street safer when present, because they slow down the speeding cars.