Bad dirt-bike crash shuts Blue Hill Avenue at rush hour

Blue Hill Avenue is shut in both directions at Woodcliff Street due to a crash around 4:30 p.m. that sent a dirt-bike rider to the hospital in such bad shape the homicide unit was called in just in case.

MBTA buses were also diverted for the investigation.



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    Wasn't a motorcycle was a

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    Wasn't a motorcycle was a dirt bike I had the misfortune to drive by right after it happened. He zoomed by me in Grove Hall

    dirt bikes and scooters on bha everyday

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    I drive bha twice a day to and from work and almost every day on the way home I see them popping wheelies...often right by bpd cruisers. Maybe this will get the city to address this problem.

    The BPD has

    standing orders not to engage in pursuit of these morons for this very reason.

    Please no...

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    Franklin Park is full of them and they are an unholy pain in the arse.

    Did we finally learn a lesson?

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    Perhaps now we learned a lesson? There is a reason they aren't street legal. I hate those gangs of idiots that terrorize the streets of Dorchester!

    They are

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    Legal if you have singnals and headlights. It's morons from Dot whipping 125 cc without helmets and following traffic laws like your typical cyclist.

    Not limited to Dot

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    I saw about twenty kids riding a mix of dirt bikes and ATVs, on Riverway, by Longwood. I reported it to the police, but i doubt anything came of it.


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    Legal, if you have insurance and a registration and a license..

    I wonder how long

    ..this kind of crap would be tolerated over in a 'platinum' neighborhood like the South End or Beacon Hill..

    This returns to the point I try to make. The city has a long procedural tradition of treating this neighborhood as an intractable mess and only sort of responds to code red emergencies. The Fire Department would be a notable exception as it handles its responsibilities uniformly without regard to location status.

    And yet the real solution to neighborhood problems is likely to be found in long haul constructive engagement with a bit of muscle when needed. You coordinate a 'surge' with the RMV for a bit of 'shock and awe'.

    This tells the rest of the long suffering neighbors that the city and state intend to enforce motor vehicle laws.

    If you have lots of kids flailing with dirt bikes that aren't street legal, you confiscate them or arrest the pests, even if it's likely to be merely symbolic.

    That's what would happen in lily white Reading when I was a kid. The cops take the thing away until some recognized and certified adult shows up to claim it.

    The BPD brass has a strict no

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    The BPD brass has a strict no chase policy regarding any vehicle on two wheels with a motor because most likely it will end badly . Let's not blame the cops here for the rampaging dirtbikes . The riders know bpd won't chase and pretty much taunt them and then take off like maniacs .
    I've seen them actually catch quite a few in the parks sneaking up on them though. The problem is the riders themselves . Complete disregard for other people . Seems like this guys luck finally ran out .

    Yeah I imagine they need coordinated help.

    Think of what would happen if the sacred duckling path in the public gardens had a dirt bike problem. Now apply that everywhere else.

    This is probably a multi jurisdiction thing. You need Parks/DCR, some RMV, State and city. They could maybe even make a special dirt bike unit that is matched for pursuit, within reason.

    With luck, after a period of consistent enforcement, the whole fad would subside.

    I just don't see how making a special exception case of it helps anyone and the shrug off is as good as a confession of abject failure

    Waiting for the day that an innocent

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    bystander is injured or killed by one of these goofs because the police wouldn't pursue them. Then see how long this idiotic "we won't chase people flagarantly breaking the law" policy lasts.

    So you don't think we need

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    So you don't think we need police anymore, since people in their own neighborhoods can solve crimes? That would certainly free up a huge amount of money for the city, but I don't think all of Boston would be down for that, just "certain" neighborhoods should solve their own crime problems while in others the city will? This kind of attitude let south boston protect a terrorist for decades.

    I see terrorists

    being protected every day but it's not in South Boston. After shootings, stabbings and general mayhem the police are there only to absorb the blame for the murderous acts of gangbangers. Once indicted and a trial comes the good old Suffolk County Jury can be counted on to whiff. Stop snitching is a disease in "certain" neighborhoods and the people that tolerate it are the problem. You don't see drive by's in Belmont or Beacon Hill. Why not?

    When will Dorchester....

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    ...Mattapan and Roxbury get basic city services like traffic and parking enforcement? Does anyone every get ticked for speeding, running red lights or double parking? Unless you shoot at someone AND actually hit them, no one cares about dangerous and illegal behavior. This is a quality of issue for the vast majority of the people is these neighborhoods. Maybe if we paid some attention to the small crimes, we could prevent some of the big ones.... or least make it easier to cross the street!

    Homicide Unit

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    That implies the dirt bike rider was the target of a murder.

    Not in Boston

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    Maybe I should make it clearer though: The homicide unit is called in to investigate all sudden (or potentially sudden) deaths with a possible non-medical reason (so they'd be called in for a dirt-bike crash but not for, say, an elderly person dead of an apparent heart attack in his apartment - although even in that case, a regular detective would be called in).

    Homicide Units Not Investigating Acutal Murders?

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    Interesting. They want to get a jump on any murder investigation by responding quickly.

    But in light of this article:

    I wonder if it would be better for them to investigate actual murders instead of spreading themselves so thin sending people out to near death experiences. Or are those homicide units they send just an intern taking notes and therefore not pulling detectives away from actual homicide cases?

    It would be great if they had precognition

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    But how are they supposed to know in advance that a violent death isn't a murder? What if the guy in this case had been run off the road in a road-rage incident. I'd rather have a homicide cop on the scene right away than just follow up on some intern's report a day later.