The bouncer

Bouncer at Lolita on Dartmouth Street in Boston

Don't worry, Stevil didn't mess with the bouncer at Lolita on Dartmouth Street in the Back Bay.

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    The Point?

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    And the point of this post is...?


    Can't think of any reason, eh?

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    Why would you need security at a place where people are drinking? And where you can be cited if trouble breaks out? Yeah that's a real mystery, Chris.


    Well it's not exactly a problem

    ..that occupies my mind or time, there anon (not verified).

    Say, are you from the Baltimore anon (not verified)'s?.

    I don't know much about the current status of anyone in any sports either, if it's any help.

    And when I was the booking dolt at the Middle East in 90/91 that stuff was handled by three remarkable young women who called themselves the Dough Heads.

    They were small but fierce. Kathy used to date Pete in Last Stand and some guy called Cheetah Chrome, Jessica grew up in Archdale and was a beloved bar maid and Rebecca had a brother in the Mighty Bosstones.

    The philosophy at the Middle then was that hired tough guys potentially created as many problems as they solved.

    And a fierce but restrained woman can often be more intimidating when backed up by the full weight of the venue.


    I appreciate this photo

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    I appreciate this photo selection... there's something noir about the mood.


    If the guy wasn't doing

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    If the guy wasn't doing anything newsworthy, I hope he didn't mind being photographed and having his photo posted.


    Whose expectation are you

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    Whose expectation are you talking about?

    Or do you mean some legal precedent, rather than some universal expectation or enlightened social convention?


    Laws and legal precedents

    Are supposed to reflect common, shared, expectations and social conventions.

    In the case of photography, I think the law does a pretty good job.

    I know, but a thoughtful social ethic

    ..entails a permission element, however informal.

    Particularly if the photographer may enjoy outsized benefits.

    I don't imagine that is much of an issue here.

    I try to tread lightly around my fellow monkeys in these situations unless it's some asshole caught in the act of being one.

    The great thing about digital gear is you can always show the subject what you did then and there.

    But I have too much fun covering the rest of the sentient world.

    Monkeyless stuff often has a contemplative quality I like to try and express.


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    I'll agree with that!


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    Me, Too, kvn!

    Have you heard the Mumford and Sons version? (this is the studio version with Paul Simon):

    Swirls , didn't know who they

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    Swirls , didn't know who they were, but found their "Wait " song. I like the S & G versions where there is multo grade instrumentation , especially their " Bridge " song.