Bouncers with fists of fury cost Canal Street bar its license for four days

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday ordered Hurricane O'Reilly's to shut for four days as punishment for an April incident in which bouncers were captured on video beating one patron so badly he left a large pool of blood on the sidewalk and chasing and punching several others.

The Mayor's Office of Consumer Affairs and Licensing had earlier ordered a two-day shutdown for the bar, which has a history of aggressive bouncers. The licensing board said the bar could serve the two shutdowns concurrently



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    Good thing

    It's the off season for the Garden. They'll probably SAVE money closing up shop Sunday-Weds or Mon-Thurs in the middle of summer over there.


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    Great. Four days, served concurrently with another two-day suspension. So two extra days of closure, at the time of year when there's no major sporting events happening at the Garden. This will definitely send a strong message to any other venue that wants to hire overly aggressive bouncers to maul their customers.


    Thank the Licensing Board

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    and their idiotic "you can choose when you have to close" policy. Imagine if judges said to convicted persons "You have to go to jail, but you can select the date when you actually go there."

    That's just the Boston licensing nonsense

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    The real deterrent would come from criminal charges and civil suits.

    Civil suits should amount to more than the bar is worth.

    Get the crap beaten out of you, get a free bar.