Councilors say they were lied to and misrepresented on pot dispensaries

The Boston City Council today called for a hearing on the medical-marijuana dispensaries the state recently approved for Boylston Street in the Back Bay and Southampton Street on the South End/Roxbury line.

Councilor Steve Murphy (at large), who submitted a letter of "non opposition" to the general idea of dispensaries was blunt: "I was lied to" by the operators of the proposed Boylston Street facility - who listed him as supporting their specific location.

Although councilors said they had questions about both proposed facilities, they really tore into the concern approved for the Southampton Street dispensary.

Councilor Tito Jackson (Roxbury) said the company's state filings misrepresented the fact he had met with company officials as "support" for the project.

He said he never would have supported a dispensary on Southampton Street, because the area already has a jail, a highway, a biolab, homeless shelters and a methadone clinic that serves large numbers of out-of-towners. He said almost all the people arrested in the area are from outside the city.

Councilor Frank Baker, whose district includes Southampton Street, raised similar concerns.

Baker said the company claimed in its state filings it had the backing of local officials and residents, when, in fact, nobody in his district ever talked to the company - including him.



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I've said it before...

I live in the Newmarket area (where the Southhampton St location is planned), and I'll take the medical pot dispensary planned for the old Skipton's space over what's there currently.

Know what's there now?



Why again?

Why do cities and towns have boo to say about businesses so long as they conform to zoning?

The mind boggles - this should be a state-only thing. Get these goobers out of it!


Communications fail at Boston City Council.

Communications fail at Boston City Council. Communicating is problematical with members of the Council and with the 100 or so Council staff, contractors, consultants, etc. Better mechanisms, more mechanisms are needed for interacting with Boston City Council. Not one of the 100 or so Council staff have advanced knowledge of new technologies and software. More knowledgeable staff are needed but present a challenge to the Council Staff Director, the Council Messenger, the Council Stenographer that haven't familiarity with new technologies and software.


Times Change...


Used to be, you left the portraits of dead presidents in the desk drawer while the owner of the desk went out to use the restroom.

Now they probably want Bitcoins.

(Or maybe, in this case, some of the product in order to test its efficacy.)

Objection to Southampton St.

I would expect the greatest opposition to the location to come from local drug dealers who don't want the competition. Is this who the City Counsel is trying to protect? Or is it police who get to catch even more out of towners brought to them, thus not having to look for them.


A "child of the 1960's" (let's say 15 in 1965 and well aware of how 'groovy' weed is) would be 63 or 64 today.

So, yeah. They ARE the ones out there buying weed on the street to get over the nausea from their chemo.

Re: Baker's comments

nobody in his district ever talked to the company - including him

Maybe they spoke to one of the local citizens groups which seem to proliferate around these parts. The Southampton Street Committee for Historically Accurate Doobage, or some such.

Murphy supports marijuana

Murphy supports marijuana dispensaries "in theory" until one opens up "in reality" in his districts?

I'm not sure if I would want one as a neighbor. On the other hand, if these places step out of line even one millimeter they are going to get shut down, so I think they would go out of their way to ensure that there were no problems.

Do you live near a CVS?

Oxy and a lot of other harder drugs than pot are coming out of your average CVS every day. What makes you think a medical marijuana dispensary is going to be less secure or more likely to draw a criminal element (or be a bad neighbor) than a CVS?



Boylston St isn't a residential neighborhood. What type of clientele do they think are going to frequent this dispensary? Why would it be so horrible for someone to leave say Jos. A Bank and walk over and pick up their marijuana prescription. There's a liquor store on that street, what's the difference, they're both legal substances.