Green Line wires come undone, riders know that's no fun

Some sort of wire ish means busing for Riverside riders between Riverside and Newton Highland - and problems for riders further down the line, as Phil R. reported at 7:50 a.m.:

You KNOW the D line is F'D up when you wait 25 mins at Newton Ctr for packed like sardines train & they don't collect fares.



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I'm normally an express bus

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I'm normally an express bus commuter but 've rode my bike a few times recently to Reservoir and noticed that they never collect fares from the other doors.

How many free riders are there? I don't recall this being done on the B line?

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Likely it's folks with

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Likely it's folks with monthly passes.

Do you have a problem with people boarding trains in an efficient manner so the train doesn't get even more delayed than it already is?

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"Do you have a problem with

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"Do you have a problem with people boarding trains in an efficient manner so the train doesn't get even more delayed than it already is?"

Yes if they are free riding. If some sort of analysis has been done that only x% free ride and the MBTA is ok with that then I am too.

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So you would rather that the

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So you would rather that the MBTA lose tons of money on delayed trains, not to mention costing the paying riders already on board tons of time wasted in waiting, just so you can act out your sadistic, moralistic fantasy of ... maybe ... catching every single fare evader? No matter the cost to everyone else?

The MBTA is running a transit system, not a morality play where we test people to see if they obey every single rule precisely. The point of a transit system is to get people from point A to point B within a reasonable schedule. The MBTA needs to focus on making sure that they are following the schedule and actually providing a useful, accessible transportation service to the community.

Causing additional delays with stupid policies like "front door only", and actively harming people with disabilities by not letting them use all the doors normally, is completely contradictory to the goal of providing a transportation service.

Leave the worrying about fare evasion to the T police. They can do their job without interfering with the vast, vast majority (~98%) of paying riders of the T, and without harming accessibility for people with disabilities.

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Excellent points

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However, when "following the schedule" means doing things like "D branch service will begin at Park Street (instead of North Station) due to a Red Sox game" or "This train (that was bound for North Station) has been re-routed - all passengers off at Park Street", then there is something seriously wrong with your priorities.

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I ride the D every day and

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I ride the D every day and can tell you most of those 'monthly' pass holders are anything but. The MBTA badly needs to put faregates at that station.

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Establishing a "proof of payment" system would be far more effective. Because everybody knows how well those expensive faregates have worked in preventing fare evasion.

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