Group says Boston needs a Donna Summer statue

Donna Summer - Love To Love You Baby, Live on The Midnight Special 1976

The Herald reports on a campaign to get a statue in the city for Dorchester's disco diva, who, unlike the newest person to get a statue, never derided her hometown.



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    Donna Summer

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    Donna Gaines, born in Dorchester, raised on Mission Hill, is one unappreciated artist. Ms. Summer wrote melody as well as lyrics. He voice had all of the technical mastery of Broadway worth an R & B feel. Her work on "Four Seasons of Love" was a prototype of Europop. "I Feel Love" was the prototype for EDM. Yes, recognition of Donna Summer is entirely appropriate.


    Well this at least makes more sense than a Poe statue ...

    Donna Summer

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    What group is asking for this? Couldn't find it in the Herald.

    The story

    is not related to Whitey, Illegals or EBT cards so it won't be in the Harald.