Hemlines are really rising this year

Pantsless subway riders

Greg Hum snapped a photo of a dog on the Blue Line today. Oh, yeah, and some people who are also not wearing any pants.



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Exhibitionist equity in transit

For the longest time exhibitionism during travel has been dominated by automobile occupants flashing truck drivers and others on most any day, with rare exceptions like Lady Godiva and copycat movie scenes. Newcomers to the scene are the WNBR and NPSR. Um, er, welcome to transportation equity.

The problem with this thing

The problem with this thing was the absolute smugness of it. I was on the Blue, Red and Green lines today, and I have never seen a group of people who looked more impressed with themselves. For what, wearing underwear? Is performance art, or whatever this thing is, supposed to be that self conscious? Not to mention self-referential. They were all texting each other's whereabouts constantly. Two young underwear-clad women I witnessed on the Blue line seemed to have a whole act down. They each hung onto a pole and each buried their face in book from which they did not look up once at any time for the length of the Blue Line. I might add that at no point did they turn a page either. They were either doing it entirely on purpose or they were the world's slowest readers.


I would too

If I were participating in this, I wouldn't make eye contact with strangers either. Some of them take "costume" as "consent". The point is to do something silly at the same time as a bunch of other people so it stays silly rather than making you a target.

Not immature response

"Otherwise, such a fascination with costume or underwear merely signals immaturity.
For a six year old, such behavior is age appropriate (they're ALL wearing UNDERWEAR (giggle giggle stare look away giggle))
For an adult, it is pathetic."'

I think you're a bit out of touch with reality here. A group of people, in an organized and planned out manner, take to the T in underwear, and you are saying they are not to be gawked at, that it is somehow an inappropriate reaction? What response do you think the underwear clad group are going for? They would likely have been a bit disappointed if they were completely ignored by us jaded Bostonians.


SO played.

What this thing needs is some filthy, fat hairy pervs in shit-stained, ripped tighty-whities with noticeable erections ogling the girls in their skivvies. Put the kibosh on this thing right quick. Unfortunately I had other plans for today....better luck next year.


all the cool kids

I understand all the real hep cats are going to wear g-strings and deer antlers while running over the Tobin! Then once at the toll booths they will fling themselves off in a Chuck Stuart à la lemming fashion into the Mystic... No really it's true...it's next week! Let's do it! It'll totes be on all the social media outlets, c'mon! [/end plot to rid Boston of these annoying asshats]