Henry makes it more official: Plans to sell off Globe property on Morrissey Boulevard

Boston Magazine does an interview through e-mail with John Henry on his thoughts on saving the Globe and journalism. Among other things, he acknowledges plans to sell the Globe's 16 acres on Morrissey Boulevard, move the Globe to "a smaller, more efficient and modern facility in the heart of the city."

Also noteworthy: More details on Henry's specific plans for the Globe and boston.com, including a boston.com redo to make it more like a combination of Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. And check out the role Mike Barnicle played in one recent Globe hire.



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Will someone please explain

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Will someone please explain to me how Mike Barnicle hasn't been run out of town? He has violated every ethical rule in the journalism book and stills gets treated like a little prince.

Run out of town? He's been

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Run out of town? He's been relegated to MS-NBC, whose audience, as far as I can tell, consists largely of conservative bloggers and Twitter users looking for comedy material.

Globe property

There will need to be toxic cleanup as underground oil tanks leaked there. Can't find a link to the article but it's why they couldn't expand on that site a few years ago.

Yeah, but the oil

Yeah, but the oil contamination is going to put the kibosh on any grand plans to develop that site.

Here is a story about that ,

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Here is a story about that , but no worries , strip and remove bad dirt , bring in new dirt , bingo ! Just involves digging deep into the ground , and into the pocket to pay. Remember , the Charlestown Navy Yard was once a shipyard , and now look at it now. \

Boston Globe's site contamination hampers development options

'' The Boston Globe’s headquarters along Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester are so contaminated that environmental officials have banned any work or potential development that might disturb sections of chemical-soaked soil in their present state, according to a Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection ruling reviewed by the Boston Business Journal.
The restrictions, which stem from decades-old pollution from underground fuel tanks, could complicate any plans to potentially sell or develop the Globe’s 16-acre parcel following its soon-to-close sale to billionaire investor and Boston Red Sox owner John Henry. When that deal will close is now up in the air, as The Worcester Telegram & Gazette reported today that a Worcester judge on Friday blocked the Globe's sale in light of a class-action lawsuit filed by the independent newspaper carriers in 2009. ''


Lead run off

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Oil leaks are nothing compared to the metal replating factory run off long before the Globe.

Wait, what?

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"(in case you’re wondering, McGrory says Shaughnessy has “the safest job in New England”)". Oy.

So what would change?

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"a boston.com redo to make it more like a combination of Huffington Post and Buzzfeed."

Isn't that pretty much what it is today?

Your jaw will drop

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After head: explodes.

Oh, wait, that's Upworthy, sorry.

Since HuffPo specializes in slideshows and Buzzfeed specializes in listicles, I eagerly await the first slideshow of listicles: These 21 Listicles Will Shock, Amaze You.

Actually, I do like the other stuff they talk about - the in-depth topic-specific mini-sites (or "verticals" for us olds). Could be really cool, even if they do concentrate on things such as Expensive Stuff Mutual Fund Executives Love, with the odd Catholicism Today thing thrown in.


More glittering prose on the wonderfulness of the local plutocracy from the low rent Vanity Fair wannabe. Does anyone here really think John Henry is the warm and fuzzy billionaire this puff piece makes him out to be? And I loved the line about shaking the hand of a billionaire.OOOH!

I've shook billionaire's hands before and I always check to see if my watch is still there afterwards.

Billionaires offered me a job

Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and Steve Ballmer offered me a job, shook my hand, but were looking for young guys to work slave hours. At the time (1982), they weren't even millionaires, however.

The Globe? Al Jazeera?

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The Globe? I could watch Al Jazeera and get the same anti-American slant on the issues. Sell the Globe for 25 cents and be glad they got more than it's worth, then move it to Havana where it would fit in much better.