Hi-Fi Pizza in Central Square shut off forever

Wicked Local Cambridge reports the landlord booted the long-time pizza place because it didn't want to pay to upgrade the "mechanics" of the eatery in an old building.



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too bad

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Not the best pizza around, not the worst, but you could get a draft beer with it. Plus the view of the passing scene from the windows was a good show.

Someone needs to do a "Vanishing Boston",: a la Jeremiah's Vanishing New York.


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...of drunken pizza with ringing ears after shows at TT's, Middle East and ....Man Ray.

After the Rat it was Pizza Pad (if you wanted to get into a fight and eat a piece of cardboard with cheese on it) or Nemo's.

Where will the children go now????

Falafel Palace, I guess. Is

Falafel Palace, I guess. Is there anywhere else open that late in Central Square? [EDIT: Apparently not, per the article!]

Moody's is going to be a zoo after the bars close, which will probably suck for them, even if their revenue goes up (drunks, fights, etc.).

They're not even open that

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They're not even open that late during the week. I've definitely gone in there at like 10:50 on a Tuesday and they've already been closed.

Cinderella's is open until 1

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Cinderella's is open until 1:30 am Thurs-Sat.

Moody's has gotten worse in recent years, with regard to its service/attitude, food quality, and amount of seating.

Yes, but as you may recall

Nemo's smelled like the next door dry cleaners during the day! I miss that Greek cafeteria style diner that was where Uburger is now on Beacon.

Ah yes, 80s Kenmore

Always Charlies, Deli Haus, and Nemos of the 27 grease soaking napkins (never went to Maxi Pad - it was pretty grim).

All BUtified. Sigh.

80s Kenmore

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Charlie's cheeseburger special was just what Dr. Bong ordered.... unfortunately Dr. Bong was not a cardiologist.

Deli Haus was probably one of the last places I ever plugged quarters into one of those booth juke boxes with the dial-flipping tiles of songs. (The first place being Papa Gino's.) Corned beef sandwich, Rolling Rock and Joan Jett singles....sigh...shoot me now.

Sounds like HiFi getting unplugged by landlord

So, having food cooked where people live works poorly? Or mixed use in general? Sounds instead like some deep pocketed business or national chain wants a prime corner location for a much higher rent in the gentrifying neighborhood than a small business pizza shop can pay.

Vacant real estate?

Isn't there still some other vacant real estate in Central Square that's going to put a crimp in that style and depress what other landlords can demand? I'm thinking of the corner spot where Blockbuster used to be. I can't think of anything that's gone in there that's stuck around.

Also, Hubba Hubba got the (thigh high) boot recently, so that spot is empty. I'm pretty sure that was a rent rise as well.

former blockbuster

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Last I heard the owner from the old Manray got approval to reopen in that location. Have heard nada for months, so I'm unsure where that ended up, but it was looking certain for a moment, there.

The pattern in Cambridge

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seems to turn on residential rent envy. There has been some speculative turnover of a number of commercial sites and the owners assumed they could gouge along with the residentials.

Alas no.

The commercial space in my building is up and we've been seeing an assortment of feminine vanity biz suitors. A restaurant build out would be prohibitive and even a hair helmet maker would probably waste more water than we want to allow.

The Vanity sector in general is afire with attempts to squeeze a buck from superfluousness and vanity probably is a fat part of what passes for economic activity. Other small space uses like book stores and such are drifting off to buggy whip Valhalla.

Cambridge is also a permitting handful.

I never liked Drive By much, even when I was booking the Middle East and it was next door, I was drunk, and needed some crap pizza to soak up the Yuengling 'House' tap beer the Middle gave us employee types.

The place was mean and seedy.

Attempts to gentrify the servants parts of Cambridge haven't done so well as if it is blessed with an obstinate seediness no amount of glitz can ever erase.

It may eventually be squeezed to a soulless cipher as the biotech monsters chow one end and ever avaricious Harvard finishes bolting the other with a bellow and a belch.

This is sad

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I love their mushroom slice.