The human parking-space app in the Fenway

Maybe the City Council didn't go far enough in banning that smartphone app that lets drivers hand off parking spaces to other users. Nam Le reports:

WTF, just saw a graybeard in a polo doing his own Haystack by hawking his space for $20 on Boylston outside Machine.

He adds:

I think he had an Infiniti SUV. Wish I knew if the jackwad ever got his $20.



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The game lot people have been

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The game lot people have been doing this for a while. They have someone sit in a car in a street space and when you drive up to the lot they say its full. Then they say they have another space open for a little less and take you to the space and the guy who was sitting there parks in the lot and the attendant pockets your money.

Lemme get this straight...

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So I get a parking space for less than the lot price, AND the lot owner gets a bit of a screwing in the process? What's the down side here again?

Boston City Council could setup technical services....

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Boston City Council could setup technical services for better more open communications with the people of our City. For example, the transcript of Public Meetings of Boston City Council widely available for reading would give Councilors greater notice for their points of views. Folks could use a computer at their branch public library or their home technology to send in feedback, comment, questions, suggestions quoting the remarks of a favorite Councilor. A more interactive City Council would require a change in the Council Central Staff not well versed in technology and software.