It's not every day a Boston city councilor makes an endorsement in an Arkansas state rep's race

But Matt O'Malley (West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain) is throwing his weight behind Chase Busch, the Democratic candidate in House District 20 in west central Arkansas. And part of the reason is the guy Busch is running against, incumbent Republican Nate Bell - the bozo who wondered after the Marathon bombings if Bostonians were cowering behind their doors, wishing they had an assault rifle. O'Malley says:

There are a lot of people in the Hub pulling for you, Chase!

Bell, meanwhile, continues to post stuff such as this:

Today I read the Bible, went to church, showed respect to my Dad, ate beef, drank lemonade, shot semi-auto pistols and ARs with my brothers and I'm heading home to see my wife (most definitely female) in a fossil fueled vehicle. I have a loaded Glock in my pocket. I'm pretty sure my activities today are close to a liberal lefty's worst nightmare.

Wait, what, why didn't I get the message that liberals hate lemonade?



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It would be nice if he could

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It would be nice if he could throw his weight behind constituent issues instead of sucking up to the national party.


Name one thing his done

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You can't. New fields for westie high and the 2 families that send their kids there.


He did get a tattoo of his

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He did get a tattoo of his district # on his arm.... Enough said. ( hoping it was a fake tat, don't think so though)

Except you did just name one

Except you did just name one thing he did. Try again.

He's a very hard-working and active councilor. Probably why he just got re-elected with the most votes ever for a district city councilor. That says a lot more than random online comments.


Only 2 families send their kids....

... to West Roxbury High? Well, that obviously not literally true. Hundreds of families send their kids there....

Oh wait. the families that send their kids to WR HS are the "wrong kind" of families. O'Malley helping _them_ out is clearly a disservice to the neighborhood, in the mind of this fine upstanding WR citizen.

Not Lemonade

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Entrepreneurship, as represented by bro & sis lemonade stands, some of which have run afoul of regulations.

City Councilors just can't

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City Councilors just can't resist, it seems. Raising non-local issues routinely, they sit on their weak, silly CC platform while they dream of influence, power and glory in other places near (State House) and far (DC). Their motto is "Anywhere but here."

Good luck in the Beltway, Matt! It won't be long before you pack your bags, I'm sure!

And while, like many others, this is the first time I've heard of Chase Busch, here's hoping Dems end up hating him or being embarrassed by him. After all, he's a Democrat from Arkansas--who knows what scandals await?


Mr Busch

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I have personally know Chase for years now and was neighbors with his family. He is a great man raised the right way by parents who taught him he had to work to get what he wanted and was also taught traditional family values as honesty, humility, and loyalty. Chase has a heart and is very compassionate to those within his community. To steal a term commonly used Chase Busch is a "Getter Done" man that would be good for his state


Bell is a disgrace and I am

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Bell is a disgrace and I am from AR. I complained to his office about the Marathon comment. Bell and Cotton can get the boot together. I may live in Boston but I make sure all my family and friends vote so people like him don't get elected.


Follow him on Twitter

If you are interested in what Matt O'Malley does all day, I suggest following him on Twitter to get an idea. Seems as though he's pretty busy working on issues and spending time in the community.

In other words, STFU.


Agree. Matt O'Malley is a

Agree. Matt O'Malley is a good representative for his district. Follow him. See what hearings he sponsors. See how accessible he is to his constituents. Not sure how many councilors give their cell phone number out so they are available to everyone but he does.
It wasn't a press conference, it was a post. Geez lighten up people. And he's on the right side of this contest.


Not from my experience

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Councilor O'Malley's office was asked for help in dealing with noise pollution caused by English High. The fans of the HVAC system could be heard blocks away. The noise was generated 24/7, weekdays and weekends. Several people in the immediate area expressed similar concerns about the noise pollution. After a couple of emails with an aide of Councilor O'Malley there was no further word.

To the best of my knowledge the problem was resolved only after Representative Malia's office became involved. If Councilor O'Malley's office was able to get the department that manages the HVAC system to stop polluting the area with noise then I would like to know. I'd prefer to see the Councilor as someone who is helping the neighborhood. After all I voted for him.

One thing that Councilor O'Malley could help with is the gross noise pollution coming from other sources: boom boom cars and motorcycles that are loud enough to feel the vibrations in a persons body. I would not expect him to be able to address the noise created by jets that roar over JP since that comes under Federal jurisdiction. But as for people who ride around the neighborhood degrading the quality of life because they have to be in moving party cars or need to make up for their manly deficiencies (at least for male motorcycylists) that is a local issue and perhaps he - along with the local police - can help with this.

There are monthly meetings

There are monthly traffic meetings in Jamaica Plain. You should attend and bring up the car and motorcycle noise problems. This is an enforcement issue and has come up at every traffic meeting (both city and DCR) that I have attended. The more people who complain at the meetings the more pressure to do something. And keep asking at the next meeting for accountability.


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Hi Daan-

Indeed, I did work with Rep. Malia to resolve the issue at EHS as well as some other city buildings. I obviously didn't follow up with you and for that I apologize.

I'm in total agreement regarding the mini-bikes and motorcycles. I was just talking to some of our police officers about it. We're somewhat limited in how we can respond, but I am hopeful that some other strategies could be utilized.

Please call my office if you're so inclined (617-635-4220). As someone who lives on the J'way, this is a quality of life issue for which I am all too familiar!

-Matt O'M.


Bully for O'Malley

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And bully for Busch! He seems like nice enough of a guy, and an old school Democrat looking to go beyond ideology and partisanship to achieve positive things for the Gem State.

Of course, being a conservative Democrat, I like to be reminded that there are others still around. I hope this NRA supporting Baptist triumphs in November.


The best thing

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to do with trolls like this is ignore them. Given that this guy's attitude is "let's piss off the liberals," he's going to wear this opposing endorsement as a badge of honor.

Matt O'Malley just made the guy's platform stronger by condemning him.


Nate Bell's opponent

First off, I want to thank Councilor O'Malley for his endorsement of my campaign. I know it is very unusual that an Arkansas State House race is receiving attention in Massachusetts, but these are very unusual circumstances.

Like you, I was very embarrassed by the actions of my opponent inferring people that had went through the horror of a terrorist attack and enduring the manhunt as cowards and after much thinking and praying, I made the decision to run for this office to be a compassionate, common sense leader that cares for the people, regardless of anybody's political ideology.

You can help me win by donating to All contributions are needed and greatly appreciated.I thank you and God bless you!!!


Future Rep. Busch

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I would love to throw some money your way if you are truly okay with it. I was even thinking about doing it earlier today. The one thing that stops me is concern that your opponent might use "Massachusetts money" against you.

But if you are okay with it, I'll send you some soon.

Keep on keeping it real!


You are more than welcome to contribute to my campaign, and if someone says anything about it, I'll just tell them, GO RED SOX !!! I think the people in my people will understand why, so go right ahead.

Matt has been a great, responsive councilor!

If you have ever need to work with Matt on an issue, or get information, he's unbelievably cooperative-- I wish every pol had his devotion.

About Bell... he's a cowardly jackass. He threw out that comment, then refused to engage or comment when called on it. He basically hid in his basement and waited for the sh**storm to stop blowing. for the next week.

As a former resident of the south I have no illusions about the degree to which I do or don't agree with southern dems, but they still beat the hell out of southern repubs. I will happily donate to Chase Busch's campaign.


Matt who?

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Has he ever been to Roslindale Square?

Yes, he has

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I saw him there once. But so what? It's not in his district.


matt o'malley

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I have worked closely with the councilor and find your criticisms to be unfair. He works hard and is very active with his district. The problem is everyone in his district has "envy" of the other parts. He has some ground to cover guys. "he spends too much time in JP" says the rozzie and westie folks. That's not entirely true. You want to see what matt does...follow his twitter and facebook and you'll see what the councilor is doing minute by minute.

If you aren't happy with matt's him on the phone or go to his office hours and say so. Don't troll online anonymously.

For what it's worth...the Arkansas rep's comments are insensitive, inflammatory and careless. I'd love nothing more than to see that asshat lose his race as much as the councilor does.

Have a great weekend.

Or another way to deal with Matt

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Run against him, or if someone else does, vote for that guy.

Of course, that happened less than a year ago, and he won, so I guess his constituents actually think he's doing a good job.

For what it's worth, I think he is doing a good job. I'm not even in the district, but I use the water bottle fountain when I run that way, and I think of him when I do. The only knock I have of the guy is that he's originally from that breakaway part of Roslindale. We're being carved up like Poland in the eighteenth century here.