Jerry Remy's in the Fenway has to shut for a day in penance

The Boston Licensing Board today ordered Jerry Remy's on Boylston Street to shut for a day as punishment for an incident in which a worker helped somebody under 21 get a draft Coors Light.

Unfortunately for Remy's, a Boston Police detective was conducting an unscheduled inspection and noticed the young-faced patron - two months after a similar incident in which pretty much the same thing happened.

In both cases, the bartender didn't ask for ID after the worker vouched for the customer, police said.

Remy's said it fired both workers involved and has hired a director of operations to try to stanch the flow of alcohol to minors.

Remy's can pick a date on which to serve the suspension - or appeal the penalty to the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission.



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    "The offseason" is going to

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    "The offseason" is going to arrive early this year. Or, depending on your POV, right on time.


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    I've said this before

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    but it bears repeating. Why on earth is the bar being punished allowed to decide the date when they have to shut down?

    They will likely pay a fine

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    They will likely pay a fine in lieu of suspension, which they usually have the choice. The fine will be based on sales. So for example if they got a one day suspension they will pay a fine equal to one day sales.
    Every month they report and pay sales tax at 7% of sales, so the city and state knows what they do for revenue each month. It will cost them an average day sales.

    Why would they pay?

    If what you say is true it makes no economic sense to pay the fine over selecting a slow day to be closed. The revenue on cold, off-season Tuesday night is going to be well below the average for the month or year. When they are closed they loose liquor sales but they also don't need to pay most employees and most of their food isn't the sort to spoil if not used that night.

    Two reasons

    Mainly appearance but cash flow is also a consideration.

    The worst thing they can do is put a sign on the door with "closed for renovations" or some other euphemism that gets bandied about. From a professional stand point, it is better to keep the doors open and pay the fine. Closing looks amateurish and desperate.

    Fine not a choice here

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    They cannot pay a fine to a city or town in lieu of a suspension. The only regulator that can levy a fine in lieu of suspension is the ABCC. It's serve the suspension or appeal to the ABCC....

    as punishment for an incident

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    " punishment for an incident in which a worker helped somebody under 21 get a draft Coors Light."

    Let's hope there's a harsher punishment for serving hard liquor as compared to this rainwater .

    Coors light?

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    HARUMPH! That's how it starts! Give 'em a light beer, and before you know it, they're slamming heroin in a McDonald's bathroom! Disgusting! Why won't anyone think of the children?


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    I hope when they say they will "stanch" the problem, they mean "staunch".