Natick Army lab developing pizza that can last three years at 80 degrees

WBUR serves up the story; says Army researchers are using "cutting-edge pizza technology."

"Pretty sure a bunch of places in Allston already have that," Prairie Rose Clayton comments.



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Your tax dollars at work!!!!!

(and before you jump on my sh*t, this could be a good thing for pizza lovers.. =) )

Natick Army Labs

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Also gave the world the chicken-extrusion process that ultimately resulted in Chicken McNuggets.

ya I know

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Lots of stuff that at the time seems like a waste of tax payer dollars, actually eventually becomes a good thing. Without military innovation, we wouldn't have a lot of modern products (GPS, Canning, Flash Frozen, Laser Technology, etc etc).. hell, if it wasn't for the military, I wouldn't be able to make this post via the internet today.

(Hense why I said "Don't jump on my sh*t because this could be a good thing for pizza lovers")

Duck Tape and Microwaves

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Modern razor blades (safety razors) and Tampons. Those are HUGE! Same with NASA, they invented squirt guns and the power drill.

Can't read article

Blocked by filter. Guessing this is intended to feed our troops overseas?

I can only imagine how healthy that pizza is! Bless our troops, and their digestive systems.


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You can't get to ? geez... stringent filters..

Alot of news sites blocked

Alot of news sites (especially ones with video) are blocked by the Veterans Administration filters. But FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, etc are fine. Oh, and UniversalHub is good, too, thankfully. I really only use Twitter and Universal Hub anyway, to keep up on traffic, major incidents, etc. Kind of pain though when something major happens, but I can't go to a news site to get more information.


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That makes almost no sense why.. most companies leave the news sites but block the fun sites (Facebook., Twitter, etc) for productivity and company privacy issues.. but never the other way around. This is a first, even for me (IT veteran).. there must be a reason why this is..

(but whateves, I just find this odd as a IT person who's administrated firewalls for big corps before)