Now that the South Station women's room is airport class, how about the Back Bay men's room?

Back Bay men's room

On the plus side, as Ninth discovered yesterday, the current conditions reduce the odds of stuffed up sinks flooding the floors.

Welcome relief: South Station women's room now at 'airport grade'



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I'm a guy so I can stand up when i go.. but even *I* shiver at going into the Men's Room at BackBay. I'll walk over to the Copley/Pru (or use my doctors office next door)

I think the only bathroom that is worse is the Men's Room at Macy's in Downtown Crossing because its down a long hallway, and often has questionable people (read: junkies) in there. I went in there once (the last time I went) and I had to tell a staff person at Macys that someone was lying on the floor in a stall puking on himself so they could call BPD... classy!


Outsource the maintenance for the task. Not staff for the task.

The solution is development of better maintenance service programs. For example, develop a company that maintains proper nontoxic cleaners, tools and neat uniforms offering great training and excellent opportunities... white uniforms that express the conscientious sense of pride in the work. Nontoxic cleaners and tools that the maintenance activities can be accomplished with the minimum effort. This service goes around the city, public libraries, museums, public facilities with great frequency at each location. Folks take pride in being associated with the enterprise because excellent training and opportunities are available. The main mission of the company being the training, educational opportunities, etc. for folks employed that they can develop other future employment as they wish. Then the City, the museums can get this company for maintaining lavatories more frequently rather than their own staff with toxic cleaners not properly prepared for the task.

Back Bay is a disgrace

Junkies and perverts scare the s***t out of anyone using the men's room. Warn parents not to let their children to use the restrooms. If you can't keep the rest rooms safe how is it possible to keep the whole station safe. The problem is the police don't care I bet they don't event know about the stolen sinks

Same thing

As the guy taking pictures of little kids eating on the subway, you don't have a camera in your hands when going into a men's room.